Goblins in Arelith Underdark

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Re: Goblins in Arelith Underdark

Post by Skarain » Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:59 am

My tip? Read source material, race descriptions, and also just jump ingame and watch NPC Goblins and PC Goblins near and around Andunor.

Also information in this thread is partly outdated. I think Oogooboogoo is no longer consicered to be a deity, just a fabrication of imagination by goblins. Not long ago lots of non-canon deities got removed to stay more true to FR Lore.

Clan Oogooboogoo is still around ingame. Making gobos and RPing with them and other Goblins is also a source of inspiration, even if you and your friends decided to go another way in the end.

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