Searching the Sea Instead of Scouring

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Searching the Sea Instead of Scouring

Post by Rockstar1984 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:49 am

A very frustrating thing for a pirate is when you're trying to find one specific encounter at sea to fulfill a writ, and get stuck finding the same ones over and over. Also in general when you're trying to have a fun exciting adventure while sailing and just find the same single atoll or islet several times OR you find the same single PC owned ship that has no one aboard it because it's stuck out there.

Now it would take a lot of the fun and excitement out if you made it so all the individual things could just be sailed to. I propose a middle ground solution though. You can scour the seas, or you can "search" the seas. Have a few extra options, saying you specifically want to look for islets/atolls, or other ships (including PC ships, ghost ships, Amnian, Cordorian, so on). This would give you the chance to narrow it down some, without ruining the element of randomness and surprise, thus keeping the same spirit of adventure and chance.

Keep bumpin' into the same PC ship that is stuck out there? No problem just search for land instead. Been stuck trying to hunt that Amnian ship for yer Sencliff job or for the ghost ship captain? Well look for ships so ye ain't bumpin' into atolls all the time!
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Re: Searching the Sea Instead of Scouring

Post by Irongron » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:27 pm

'Searching the Seas' does indeed sound a good middle ground.


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