5% Award Race - Succubus

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5% Award Race - Succubus

Post by Aniel » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:27 am

Race: Succubus
Size: Medium
ECL: +3-5 (No Gifts)
Racial Restrictions - Human start, Chaotic Evil Alignment
Race Type - Outsider

Some stat ideas, likely easily improved as I threw these together fairly quickly.
Charisma +4-6
Strength -2
Fire Immunity 20%~
Scaling Spell Resistance, Cap 22
+6 bluff or perform
Shapeshifting as per Rakshasa's ability to take on disguises.
All languages as per the PnP mechanic Tongues possibly.

The reasoning behind this suggestion is it's what I always wanted to use a 5% on. A ton of succubus inspiration comes from the Pathfinder module Wrath of the Righteous in the 2nd book where in Citadel Drezen you encounter two succubi, one pretending to be a goddess to fool the adventurers and another later that had polymorphed into a folkhero, chained themselves up and then casted Charm Monster on themselves to make themselves very loyal to the primary antagonist so the scene that the adventurers would come into a mind controlled chained prisoner that they liberate and immediately trust from the disposition.
I love that sort of intrigue. Arguably rakshasas already offers that to some extent but in my mind it isn't quite the same. While they'd make for great antagonist on the surface as covert agents there are a handful of succubi that exist within Andunor already. One that supposedly willing works inside of a cage as a dancer in the Spider's Web and one that guards the portal entrance in the Slum Caverns to the Portal Chamber in the Citadel of the Abyss that's in, well, the Abyss.
There'd likely be some that try to engage in some non-PG13 conduct with it but I imagine those cases would be pretty easily handled with it being a 5% race. A very small population.
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Re: 5% Award Race - Succubus

Post by The GrumpyCat » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:57 pm

Succubi are cool, I get that. But I'd really worry about the PG13 issue of it.

The problem with Succubi, as I see it is that they are fiends, and thus they are the epitome of evil. We're not talking 'abit evil' we're not talking about 'fairly evil' we're talking abut 'Ultimatly, irrevicably and irreversably' evil. We're talking about a creature who make things like Drow appear 'a little bit naughty really.'

More the problem is that Succubi work their evil through well, sex. That's their modus operandi. That's ultimatly what they do to express their evil. The seduce, devour, and corrupt.

Now don't get me wrong, I actually agree- I think in the hands of the right roleplayer, this could be done just fine, and within PG13. But I think it could also be done very badly, in a number of ways.

As a 'one off' request, for 'one or two' players, who I really trusted? I'd be happy to allow it. But I kinda wanna go for 5% options with a lot of 'legs.' as it were. I want to look at options where I go 'Oh yes, this is a neat idea, and I can see a lot of people picking it, and it not causing any major problems.'

I can see a fair few people picking succubi, but I can also see there being a LOT of problems coming from it. Even with applications. I think I'd have to be tremendousl picky to make sure that this reward went to someone who wouldn't make a mess of it, in one way or another.

Honestly the question of whether to add in any (or at least many) more full-blooded planar creatures to the list is a bit of a quandry in my mind, because of the harsh roleplaying strictures. But we'll see.

At any rate, for now this is going to be a 'No.' Or at the very least, 'not for a very long time.' I want to fill up the list with many other nifty options first.
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