[FL] Character Planning and Creation Guide

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[FL] Character Planning and Creation Guide

Post by Kalgoon » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:02 am

The purpose of this guide (read: anecdotes, banter, and pedantry) is to save you the agonizing frustration of waiting for the next reset or wasting valuable Awards from sacrificed characters you spent weeks, possibly months grinding to make something a tad better, but realize you sacrificed them in vain because you screwed up the new special snowflake you were scheming. It's also to advise new and/or ignorant players about some hazards I have experienced.

helpful suggestions and links
-Read the Rules @ http://wiki.arelith.com/Rules

-Familiarize yourself with the mechanics @

-Read the Not Another [FL] Player's Guide @

-Check out DM Watchtower's character guide @

-Join us on the Discord Chat App @ https://discord.gg/aXS4mCe

-Plan your character's stats and (epic) feat requirements well in advance.
-Try to keep a list somewhere of character names used, with dates.
-Never use the same name twice... before a server reset.
-Go through the creation menu at entry. Do not close it early.
-Each character can only use one Award, even if it is a requirement.
-Spell Focus feats always require at least 1 rank of Spellcraft.
-Do not use character editors or alternate/nonstandard heads.

anecdotes, banter, and pedantry
So my very first character on FL was a Wizard from Rashemen. I had a backstory and a general idea of what I wanted to do. I didn't really read much when I joined and proceeded to pick up things in game, like I planned. Somebody must have cast Feeblemind on me, the player, because that was a horrible idea. Sure, in theory it was good, but I was so lost and did myself far more long-term harm than good. My Wizard would never qualify for specific feats I realized I wanted after the fact and I was no longer in a position to dip into Barbarian post-creation, which would have been one of the best possible decisions for my character both mechanically and story-wise.

Many issues can be solved before you even touch Neverwinter Nights (NWN). Have a concept in mind? Great! Want to build up from the mechanics then add a personality later? Totally okay. We have a Discord chat group if you want some advice from salty veterans, and that salt can be so real that it'll season that steak that you'll be using to relieve your self-inflicted blackeye from attempting to purge the stupid from your skull. Note that you might never get rid of the stupid.

Really, you should plan some mechanical elements of your character out before you dive in, as many things are different on FL which WILL impact how you build, even if you're going for realistic commoner stats for roleplay reasons. Check out the Guide above... but if you need help with the character aspect which doesn't deal with mechanics, check out DM Watchtower's writeup.

A list of character names you've used will help you avoid one of the worst things that can happen to you. No, not an Illithid eating your brain, but a duplicate character name. You can't control other players using the same name you want to, but you shouldn't be infringing on super-awesome copyrighted material, anyway. Also, Drizzt is boring and cliche... and an Elf.

One of the main characters I played for some time and found to enjoy, despite him being a 9 Charisma Sorcerer, I recreated at one point. He didn't qualify for an Award roll, so it was legal. Remember those rules that were linked. Anywho, so I remade him with the exact same name but there wasn't a reset yet. The server resets for FL can be rather rare at times. You have been warned. So, seeing as I made this character again, he still had gold in his bank. Sweet mercy! I lost all his items but that was okay. His banked cash would help me get him trained up again or to resupply. I chose to wait for items to come up for sale and sat on my gold. A server reset came and his bank was suddenly reading 0 gold. I thought that was weird and contacted DM Symphony, our Lord and Savior. He explained to me how my poor choices doomed my character with database errors which could corrupt the data of other players' characters. I had just become a cyber terrorist, albeit unknowingly and totally though ignorance. Well, I deleted the character and waited one more reset (which was so painful, because it was a month or so, and I'm impatient) before he was remade. If he was not remade, not only would other characters have been affected but his bank account would default to 0 every reset. Some things you only learn from experiencing them, because they just don't really pop up in guides, until now.

DO NOT use a character name twice before the next server reset. Seriously, this is what causes the most problems. Your bank goes empty, your items get flagged as being muled, you don't get experience for portals and first kills, and it causes errors in the database that runs Arelith, so it can cause problems you can't even see, which will affect other characters as well. Saw the player count on the main server, right? Imagine all of them sobbing and wailing, as if they had rubbed pickled jalapenos in their eyes collectively. Don't be that person. Just don't.

You will receive a menu upon entering the server with a new character. Don't panic! This is normal. Calmly read through the directions and select the options which best fit your character. Sometimes lag can cause the menu to not display options, but you may have done this Nines know how many times and you know which option you want to select. In such cases, or any case really, you can use the number keys to select options! Isn't that neat?! I know, blew my mind, too.

You are mechanically limited to one Award per character. Did your special snowflake race require an Award? That's it! One Award. Full Stop. No more, even if they're available. Did you just screw up your character and want to remake real quick because you put 1 point too many in Charisma? You should ping a DM for assistance instead of deleting, because it won't refund that Award.

If you edit your character's data, it gets deleted. If you add a tail or wings, your character gets deleted. If you use an alternate head, nobody else can see it, they'll get terrified, and you'll have to change to a standard head model... or your character gets deleted. If you use a polymorphed form for stats that you would never reach with your build in order to qualify for a feat... you should see where this is going, but if not, reread the above statements for a hint. It will be deleted. Playing on a server as storied and tight-knit as Arelith is a privilege, not a right.

There are many, many changes to NWN on Arelith FL. You should read through this guide, because many feats you were likely planning for are much easier to attain... or impossible, because they're unavailable. Why are they unavailable? Because Druids. You're only level nine. Think about this: you get access to epic feats at level nine (after some grinding) and you're complaining about one feat? Get over yourself. Druids don't get rewarded for maintaining the balance, y'know. Also, you should check out the Wiki and/or articles on the Arelith Forums for Gifts, Backgrounds, class changes, deities, and mechanical changes. The information is there and you were told. If you pretend to have somehow missed the dedicated Mechanical Changes, Updates, and Guide threads, then your selective comprehension is pretty severe and even the Tenth Lord of Nine would avoid you or deals with you, despite the ridiculous advantage he would have over you because he'd be threatened with catching the stupid from you.

tl;dr You set yourself up for failure.