Harper Mage, Caster Level and FL

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Harper Mage, Caster Level and FL

Post by DerivateDraugr » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:55 am

Hello all,

A quick question for all those in the know:

If I take Harper levels I am getting caster levels as well. Do those caster levels only work in mechanical things like spell penetration and such, or would, say, a Harper 5/Wizard 3 be able to later on buy spell slot feats and cast 5th circle spells (like any 9th level wizard can)?

Answer: Thanks DM Symphony, for an IG reply. So, the answer to my question is No. The Harper levels add to the 'strength' of the spells, but not to the real caster level. So, a Harper 5/Wizard 3 will only be able to cast the same spells as a regular Wizard 3.

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