My dream.

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My dream.

Post by Jencent » Fri Dec 13, 2019 7:01 pm

Possibility to play as skeleton race. But year ago one of DMs say: "Skeletons is lowest-undead and they can't live with own will". Or something like that, this was a year ago, i can't remember all.

But i wanna to share with you... Share a concept of the skeleton.

Based on a Human size model

+1 point to Intimidate for each level.
+5 to Open lock and.
-75 points to Move silently.

-8 Charisma.
-2 wisdom.
Intellect is caped. You can't take more that 14 points.
+2 Constutution.
+2 Strenght or 2 Dexterity (After special event).

3% resist to slash damage.
5% resist to pierce damage.
-7% resist to impact damage.
+1AC per 5 levels after 3th lvl
After 21lvl you recive -3DMG each 3lvls
Immunitet to critical strikes/sneak attacks.

Once per day(24 Game Hours) use a finger as "thieves' tool +25".

You cant be a Pale Master, RDD, Shiefter, Druid, Paladin, Blackguard.
You can't take any of Deities.
You can't be heal even through negative damage.
Can't be good or evil.
Rest always on 100%.

Lore wise:
You are an magic abomination which can't exist in any plan, gods is hates you, demons is reject you. After an accident you lost your body(meat part, organs include), but your soule was bounded to your bones. Noone how it's work, lowest undead with own will and mind.
You still feel hunger and thirst, but you just put food in the mouth, it's makes feel like youre still alive.

Only posible way to heal yourself - use other bones on yorself as a medkit.
When you move your body makes "rattle sound".
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Re: My dream.

Post by malcolm_mountainslayer » Wed Jan 01, 2020 9:29 pm

Could you say what parts you like this concept over a lich? Which is a character inhabiting a bone body. Because lore wise, you sound like someone trying to become a lich and it going badly.

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