Rae'laeltana Retirement Kudos(?)

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Rae'laeltana Retirement Kudos(?)

Post by Vylarah » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:02 am


Rae has left Arelith, not with a bang, but with a whisper, as she faded away into the dark caverns upon a small boat to retire as happily as she can, being a drowess, and so, it falls to me to dispense all of the Kudos I can to everybody else I interacted with, in my tenure playing her!

To the Cult of the Void, I am so glad that you let me be a part of your whole cult, and experiencing things from a different point of view for a while, though I am a little sad on how it ended.

To the Clergy and Temple of Lolth. Though they didn't always see eye to eye, Rae did hold a measure of respect for you all, and the crazy fanatics and all of the blood rituals and meetings she was allowed to be a part of.

To Diamanda and Lynn, you were both amazing and interesting to interact with, and I am sad that they rolled before her, but she will always remember both of you fondly!

To the Adamantine Link, while Rae's relationship with you was rocky at times, and never did end up getting resolved, she saw what you were all doing, and felt a sense of pride, seeing what she had wanted to attempt alone, done as a group.

To all of her various slaves she had throughout her years on Arelith, thank you for being there for her, when she needed you all. It was an amazing time!

To Belfryn... Ah, Belfryn, her loyal bodyguard, turned councillor and captain. Rae always held a particular soft spot for him, even if she never actually showed it in the most obvious ways. She will miss him.

Thank you all for such a wonderful year of RP, even if she simply vanished towards the end of it, and I hope to see you all on my other characters!

Kind regards to you all,

Rae'laeltana Baentlar
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Re: Rae'laeltana Retirement Kudos(?)

Post by Talvenlapsi » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:32 pm

Rae'laeltana was huge part for Avi in her early days. She wouldn't be, without Rae. Despite parting their ways early, Rae always marked 'beginning' of something - to her. We'll never know how she feels about her now, but if Rae wasn't there to begin with, Avi would've never happened. So I think I should thank you for it, despite our ways being parted for long time now.
Good travels, Matron Baentlar ;*
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Re: Rae'laeltana Retirement Kudos(?)

Post by Artenides » Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:06 pm

I will miss your character! :) Looking forward to rping with you if you start a new one!

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Re: Rae'laeltana Retirement Kudos(?)

Post by Drowble Oh Seven » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:46 pm

Laelda only got to run into Rae a few times, unfortunately, but it was always a pleasure. You make such an effort to get other people involved in RP, and I'm glad to have been a fleeting part of that.

Looking forward to your next go around!

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Re: Rae'laeltana Retirement Kudos(?)

Post by notnow » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:33 am

Aww, sorry Lynn didn't get to say goodbye to Rae. She was an interesting and fun drowess to chat with and get to know. Always a bit of mischief in everything she did. Really appreciate all the times I got to hang out with her.

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