Mather Leaves for the Mainland

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Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by NMan7496 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:31 pm

It's been a wild ride, but the time has come for me to roll Mather. Mather's time on Arelith was a rollercoaster of ups and downs: starting off as a Cordor Guard, working his way up to Sergeant, then being Knighted and made Lord of Castle Gloom, only to fall down to nothing and flee to Guldorand and, once there, eventually become Mayor. Along the way, Mather made a number of friends and enemies who helped him along and shaped his story, for better or worse.

The Cordor Years:
Almost fresh off the boat, Mather Allias, then a young Helmite warrior, joined the Cordor Guard. Little did he know it would lead to his life changing forever, in many ways he never expected.

- Conlan Lani'aela: The first person I really got into in-depth RP with on Arelith. It was always a great pleasure to be around such a talented RPer and someone who helped show me the ropes and really immerse myself into the setting of Arelith.
- Gertrude Gawain: While Gertrude died pretty early in my time here, Mather stilled learned much from you about duty, honor, and tactics. You have been a role-model that has shaped Mather's story from the beginning.
- Barbara Thunderfoot: While he always found Barbara a little odd, she was always someone he could rely on to be there for her people.
- Cei Mornshield & Naomi: Mather's first really close friends on Arelith, you both really helped show me the robes and we had a number of grand misadventures together, something I will always cherish.
- Savol Corthala: While strict and often rigid in your beliefs, you became someone Mather could truly rely on to help him when he needed it.
- Leon Griffith: The first person I PvP'ed with, even if it was friendly in the Arena. You also gave me a number of interesting encounters involving the Waynolts and their guards, which was always fun.
- Berenor Silver-Wind: A long-time friend and mentor to Mather, you helped give him a sense of purpose early on, and paved the way for his becoming a paladin later on.
- Anavia "Ana" Strobl-Klennald: What can I really say? You're someone who has always been there for me, both IC and OOC, Ana was a near constant presence in Mather's life, and a life-long friend. While he was sad when you eventually left Guldorand, he is proud of what you were able to accomplish in Cordor.
- Miranda Magna & Giogi and Camia Silveroak: You three set up the first steps of Mather's political career, something I didn't think I'd ever get into on my first character, but such is the nature of life. While Giogi and Camia left shortly after Mather left Cordor, Miranda stayed on, and remained a good friend until the day he departed.
- Sadie Hasper: While we lost touch over the years, you ended up being one of the few people Mather could really trust during the Bersk Era of Cordor. Sadie's dedication to helping those who needed it was always something he admired about her.
- Katernin Bersk: Unpredictable and, seemingly, borderline unhinged, you were definitely an amazing antagonist for this part of Mather's story, and a cautionary tale for him on how too much dedication to order can lead to tyranny.
- Peram Flint & Crassus Holt: Two of Mather's adversaries that never really saw a comeupance, something Mather still regrets. You both created a lot of hectic RP for Mather, both directly and indirectly, that really helped me shape both his story and his character as a whole.
- Paige Mosbrooke: The sleepless wonder. How Paige managed to remain in a constant state of exhaustion and still remain functional always baffled Mather. Despite that, we engaged in a number of really fun hijinks across my time in Cordor, and even a little after. While never really Mather's friend, Paige was definitely someone Mather felt he could trust.

The Early Guldorand Years:
After failing to get Giogi Silveroak elected Chancellor of Cordor, Mather fell into a bit of a funk and nearly left Arelith, luckily some of his friends convinced him to stay and move to Guldorand.

- Ezekiel "Zeke" Klennald: Another that I'm really at a loss for words on. You've also been there for me, both IC and OOC. You've created so much RP for me and driven Mather's story so much. Zeke showed Mather what it meant to be a Tyrran, and served as a role-model in countless ways, both before and after you left.
- Dora & Samantha Goodman: Dora and Sam are truly Mather's best friends, you've been there for him through thick and thin and have been people he's come to rely on in innumerable ways.
- Nora Stoble-Klennald: After Gertrude's death, you help Mather regain his confidence in himself. After that, you were always someone he could confide in when needed, something he always cherished.
- Derristan Barley: Good ol' Derstan Barrel, the cause of countless good times and laughs across my time, both in person and in the poorly spelled notes you left for me. Derristan is, by far, my favorite character on Arelith.
- Korlic Bungir: One of the first people Mather met after Korlic pulled Mather's sorry butt out of Fugue for the first time. While our interaction were infrequent, due to your busy schedule, being around Korlic was always very fun, and the synergy he has with Derristan was always amusing to watch.
- Milanaith & Elatha Nostalfay: Another pair of close friends to Mather. Elatha taught Mather a lot about not fighting when you don't have to, and was also the cause of countless pieces of fruit just appearing in his hands from out of no where. Mila always kept Mather on his toes, both before and during his time as Mayor, and made sure he wasn't going to get complacent.
- Diana Nerelith: Both a close friend and, often, a large pain in his arse, Diana was always someone he could trust to get a job done and to smack Mather when he tries to make a hasty decision without considering all the options before him, something I don't think she ever realized how much he truly appreciated.
- Angela Amana: Mather's longtime translator for the magically inept Mather. Angela has helped Mather in everyway from advising him to trying to keep his stress levels down. Angela is very much a rock for Mather, and I'm glad I got a chance to RP so much with her.
- Lyria Ashvane: Another great friend and, whenever she casts a spell, a large point of stress. Lyria has been a big help to Mather as a magical advisor, informant, or even just someone to sit and talk with around the fire.

Mayor Mather (aka "Maythor" [Angela Amana] and "Mayornnaise" [Itzal]):
After Ezekiel Klennald left, Mather was elected Mayor of Guldorand, where he remained for almost five years. During that time there were many trials and tribulations he had to go through, but ultimately held together and strengthened Guldorand.

- Tabitha "Tabby" Fuzzypaw: Tabby was someone Mather knew since his time in the Cordor Guard, but didn't really reconnect with until they both became Mayors. Since then they have backed each other through everything, and remains one of his closest friends amongst the surface leaders.
- Merriam "Merry" Fuzzypaw: Like Tabby, Mather met Merry while he was in the Cordor Guard, but didn't reconnect with until he became Mayor. After Tabby stepped down, Merry continued to be a close friend and ally to Mather and Guldorand, and remains so to this day.
- Falgrim Vinterguard: While we didn't interact too much, I always enjoyed my time with you. Your style of RP really makes Falgrim very lifelike, which has been something I've been trying to get better at myself, and be around you has really helped me hone my skills as an RPer.
- Elspeth Derlson: While starting off as something of an unknown to Mather, due to her relationship with Quistillia, Elspeth quickly became a dear friend to Mather and someone he knew he could trust to have his back whenever he needed it.
- Kael'aven "Kael" Dwindarre: The one true Lord of Darrowdeep (sorry Rivorndirs), Kael was always someone Mather could trust and was easy to work with. Kael's fun loving nature made him always a pleasure to be around.
- Piper Pike: Always cheerful and full of life, even in rough times, you never fail to bring a smile to my face. I'm glad Mather got to see your's and Derristan's wedding before he left.
- Emma Young: One of Mather's best friends, Mather and Emma often seemed to take on the world together, at least in the few times we could sync up our schedules, and that is something I will always cherish.
- Dregan Young (née Densular): You were a much needed friend in a very rough time for Guldorand. I'm glad that friendship managed to persist all this time.
- Khal-Dun: My best customer. With that dry sense of humor, he is always a pleasure to be around and is always good to have around in times of trouble.
- Jensen Whisper: We became friends later in Mather's time on Arelith, but he always thought of you as a kindred spirit. He's glad to know that the island is in good hands after he leaves.

There are so many more who have touched Mather's life and made my first character on Arelith a memorable one. Thank you everyone for all the RP and I will see you on another character.
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- Mather Allias (Rolled; Retired to Baldur's Gate)

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Re: Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by triaddraykin » Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:33 pm

One of the most touching Kudoses I've read. I'll miss Mather, but I'm glad you're not gone from Arelith.
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Re: Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by D4wN » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:57 am

Mather will be one of the most memorable characters in Emma’s life. Even though our time zones don’t allow us to play together often I truly cherish every interaction with you. You are a great person as Mather was a great character. Thank you for being part of my story and for allowing me to be part of yours. I look forward to connecting with future characters ❤️
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Re: Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by Interium » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:21 am

Always sad to see someone go but I know another of your characters takes his place so it's bittersweet. Thank you so much for the Kudos. I had many fun moments with Mather, the way you had him react to the nonsense of some of Guldorand's other officials often made me laugh and you managed to add a lot of humor in despite Mather being a serious guy.


And the sheer professionalism during Guldorand's meeting:

I also really appreciate the way you played as a Mayor, was very involving and wasn't afraid to delegate to let other characters be the "star" of the show. I think that's very important as a faction leader, to make everyone feel included and you did that.
You're also a solid player out of the game too, funny, friendly and helpful, so big kudos back right back at you!

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Re: Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by Jaqlin » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:22 pm

This is one of the closer characters for my little Ana.. Oh boi Mather..

I remember when I meet you first time, Sergeant Mather of the Codorian guard! You where so full of energy and happy..
We then had to duel, did not end well for Mather, I am not sure you expected a level 30 character!

Mather and Ana became very good friends always had each others back. specially during bersk.
Later, Ana returned go Guldorand, on request of Ezekiel, and later Mather joined. I was so happy when I saw you joined us there!
Ana then returned to Cordor, and since then we have maintained our friendship when we meet.

Mather is also a wonderful player OOCly, always ready to assist and help with events and a good chat about frustrations and how to handle more delegate RP

I cannot stress how much I adore this player and character..

I see you on the mainland my friend
*Holds a hand on her heart*

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Re: Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by Preserver » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:34 pm

Mather was a leader that Elspeth deeply respected: he was fair, he was a Tyrran, they had very similar views on justice.
He was welcoming and always provided aid and advice when needed: he really was a type of individual that was fun to RP with and that always felt like discovering some interesting facet.

Unlike most leaders (And Elspeth specifically :P !) he wasn't verbose... he spoke with direct, impactful and contextually relevant lines that always made me think of somebody that could be down-to-earth and noble at the same time.

Yay Mather!

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Re: Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by Edens_Fall » Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:17 pm

My time spent with you was short but enjoyable! I can't wait to see what new character you come up with.
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Re: Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by Love always wins in the end » Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:34 pm

I am glad that Elatha had even a small impact upon Mather. I always found Mather fun to be around and I hope that you enjoy your time on Simone (and to be included in the fun!). Take a load off, mayorial work is hard! :)

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Re: Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by HappyHippie » Thu Jul 02, 2020 7:53 pm

Watching a character grow is always one of the best experiences on Arelith. I'm super happy and honored to be able to watch Mather go from the person he was when Diana was still chasing Jace around the isle, to the Mayor she came to respect and admire. Yes, she did feel betrayed when he broke the news that he was retiring lol and she may never truly understand how her presence benefited him. HAHA, but she will always treasure him. And so will I. :)
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Re: Mather Leaves for the Mainland

Post by Xerah » Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:00 pm

Mather gave a great first impression and I tried to do everything I could to push him up through the ranks even though I knew he was going to be a problem. Thanks for the good times!
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