Henry Crowe The White Stone Kudos

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Henry Crowe The White Stone Kudos

Post by Dari » Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:22 am

Greetings, everyone. I wanted to create this kudo thread to thank, everyone that I've roleplayed with ever since, I started playing this game at the end of December 2019.

I've met lots of great people here and, I appreciate it.

How it started: I created, Henry as a sorcerer and went to Skal at first because the signs said: "New players needed." or "Good for New Players."
So, I went there, thinking: "Oh neat. If they need new players, that means, I might get some exp bonus and leveling will be easier :D"
After, I got off the boat, I immediately went to explore. Went straight to the Weld ignoring the existence of the Mayor. Traveled a bit then went to Ghostwood, in which I died 3 times. Somehow, I managed to get to lvl 5 before discovering the Writs (so that was fun.)
Later, I took the writ to slay the Jarl... which I hated so much because I died like 5-8 times and almost felt like giving up, but then on one of my runs, I encountered a paladin which helped me get through.
Some time later ( 11 levels later), I decided to leave Skal, via Underdark to the Surface and the rest is history. (AKA too much to write.)

So here are the people that I've met. (Sorry, If I don't include you, will try to edit it if I remember!)

Darrowdeep Castle / The Order of the White Stag.

Kael'avin Dwinndarre
Falco Whisperwill
Dorn Buckman
Gwenneth Springscar
Isabella Isherwood
Mona Davis-R'oss
Felicia Silversword
Andus Kaltherian
Marten Van Baart
Daris Blake
Rionn Mercer
Berenor Silverwind


Melodia Tsukiko
Elspeth Derlson
The Hin that I met on a bench whose name starts with C


Meriam / Maya Fuzzypaws
Nina Softsteps
Allawyn (The person who tells me to put away my fish)


Falgrim / Naly Vintergard
Kimil Schelen
Oak Mountainbrew
Embrek Shatterforge


Derristan Barley

Well this will be it so far. Might've misspelled a name or too but oh well.
One and Only Active Character - Henry Crowe

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Re: Henry Crowe The White Stone Kudos

Post by Definately Not A Mimic » Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:04 pm

Henry is fantastic. You made me smile so many times with a few words here or there, esp during meetings. He was great to get to know and I miss being around him. -Rionn

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Re: Henry Crowe The White Stone Kudos

Post by TooManyPotatoes » Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:45 pm

Allwyn was just talking to Oak earlier today about Mr Crowe and his fish. :)

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