Smoked Meats and Sweet Pies

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Smoked Meats and Sweet Pies

Post by DragonBlooded » Thu Jul 23, 2020 11:01 pm

"So succulent and juicy.."
Day One.
So all I need to do is travel to a major city to see how it is compared to the simple woodland life of home? Sounds easy enough, but I don't want to go to just any city. I want to travel far from home so the journey there and back will be enough to tell me how much better this life is. But to do that, I need to find a ship that needs someone who can cook for cheap or free passage.

Day twenty.
So, found a ship and we set out tomorrow. Destination? Well I never did ask, but hey, surely they'll dock in a large city port somewhere! I showed them my skills by making a sausage meat-pie.. They said we won't have much in terms of flour on the way there but I can make do with just about anything they have in their larder. Here's to smooth sailing

Day Thirty.
Sausage, Sausage, Sausage, Sausage.. It gets dull but hey, a pinch of spices from the larder can make anything taste new and different. Please let me make something with vegetables.. Luckily I brought a little dirt and a plant with me.. Tending to it's growth helps relax me and should provide some nice sweet berries when we arrive.

Day Thirty one.
Ship's not doing so well in this storm, they say we're off course and heading into frigid waters.. my plant's definitely feeling the sudden chill. Hope we get back on course soon.

Day Thirty Eight.
Never made it back on course. Plant has died of frostbite. Had to use strips from my shirt to dress wounds from a small fish-men scouting party or something like that. Emergency docking is talked about above when I was cooking.. Wonder where we're going o dock. Low on ink.

Day Thirty Nine.
No time. If I die and this is found, tell my family..

Day Forty.
Didn't die, but I lost my shoes in the clamor to get off the boat. Realized I didn't even write where to find my family. Took up a job doing writ work? It's decent pay, this adventuring.. Two bushes watered with one can. Granted I don't like fighting for money, but people aren't really buying my pies here like they did back home. Lots of adventuring types too. So few places to sleep out of the cold.. At least in the human skin. It's a little more relaxed that I can sometimes move about in the wolf skin when I need to get food, but relaxing in panther skin scares some people. Bear skin really terrifies people.. shouldn't do that in town often.

Day Forty one.
Found a lodge for rent, and really made a lot of gold coin with just a few writs and exploring. You won't believe how much money people pay for some things. I mean, me or whoever stole this book.. unless I give it to someone? Amnesia? Anyways this book is written by Tizetch Ixchelo, me, myself, I, Pie man. Using the human skin, I don't think I could write in any other skin.
-Shopping list-
Mint spears
Deer Meat

Day Fourty Two.
Traveled to some really dangerous locations today to help people.. People really like 'hunting' dangerous creatures and not just for food.. for sport, honestly.. Just make sure everyone's peaceful, only fight when absolutely necessary. I try to make sure that people are safe, healed, let Zero do the heavy hitting, and the wolves that aid from the summoning rituals. But sometimes I can't not help out. Tasted something today that really sent me through a needle's loop. It was like when you eat frozen berry paste and your skull tingles but hurts at the same time but the taste was worth it? Except it was hot and I swear I felt the need to just.. smash stuff. Minotaur meat was down right tasty.. Going to try some other meats tomorrow, savor each taste and each.. feeling that comes with it.
"So full of rage.. so intoxicating."

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Re: Smoked Meats and Sweet Pies

Post by DragonBlooded » Sun Jul 26, 2020 9:18 pm

"It is still natural in a sense.."
Entry Ten
I've forgotten how long it's been since arriving on this frozen shore.. Mostly due to how chaotic this place is, people preferring to do writ work and raids opposed to stopping and witnessing scenery. It's slowly driving me mad, in a place such as this wizards transform into what are called 'Slaadi' and Dragons at near random simply to.. What reason would there be save to rile the townspeople? I'm fairly certain no one says anything because it is a dragon.. He made no attempt at moving unseen either.. If I were to put on one of my animal skins, I may be mistaken for a lycan, or if traveling in from the wastes as one, hunted..

Don't get me started on the lack of appreciation that those who walk the wastes show.. I aimed to help a traveling troupe in their 'writ work' assuming one may have been in need of help rather than recreation.. I was both mistaken at their need for help, and appalled at their lack of appreciation for a passing pack of wolves. Granted in staying back I was confronted by the pack leader until I showed him my place as a dominant predator.. But when attempting to converse with it and catching up with the collection of 'adventurers' I found that they did not need my help, nor were the gathered half-orcs any challenge with the group's power.. Senseless violence and little in terms of decent meats. The sole heart of what would be a 'god-speaker' was given to Zero and still was not a challenge. Let alone the elven woman's nerve of slaughtering needlessly the hounds on their way back despite my informing of a passing pack. As if her count of kills needed to be great in number! Even writing this causes irritation.. Eldath forgive me, I can not hold to the passive nature much longer..

I am growing more easily drawn to hunts of new meats and the favored meats.. Drakes, Wyrms, Wyverns, Minotaurs.. Something about the taste of dragon blood is intoxicating and brings me closer to understanding the mind of dragons in conjunction to my own, how we are similar, how we are different.. how it feels to see through their eyes and the utmost feeling of holding a collection of treasure in a hoard.. I have a hoard of herbs and horticultural preparations.. but I also have a hoard of gemstones and powders that grows.. With every gem and dust that it grows I feel more and more like the dragons I feast upon.. Soon I feel I may become a dragon fully in body, but hopefully I can withstand such a thing, if I were to gain the skin of a dragon.. To consume it before it consumes me.
"Just a different kind of natural."

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Re: Smoked Meats and Sweet Pies

Post by DragonBlooded » Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:23 pm

I'm Hungry.. I'm Hungry..
Entry Eleven
The days until the thaw flow seamlessly in this.. frozen frontier. There is so little to explore now, everyone is so focused on the writ work still. Though there are a few that would do things for the simple pleasure of doing them, hunting for a more defined cause. I always enjoy helping those who I know with their Minotaur hunts, it's a free meal of succulent meat. If the blood and hearts of a dragon-kin bring forth my inner dominance, fury and desire to hunt for thrill - Minotaur meat makes everything feel more natural, easy. A faint bit muddling in my mind, but not to the point where I can't make good decisions, truly I feel more cunning and sure as I eat it's meat.. Perhaps I will try to consume their essence as I have been with dragon-kin..

In hopes to release the essence I have been pulling into myself into a new shape, I have been learning Draconic as well. Dive deep into the nature of the beasts. They are of nature in another sense, part of the world greater, much like humans with intelligence and language.. perhaps that is why it is so hard to begin this path of transformation. Lia has offered to take me to the mainland when she returns, I will be taking this offer.. Hopefully Mebrith and Edwyna make it to the shores some day too. It would be good to have people who know my ways somewhere I can walk. Or fly..

If the day comes that I choose not to leave when my pilgrimage to see what the cities have to offer, I have plenty of seeds to plant.. Of course I've been telling people that's my plan the whole time.. but until I know if I want to be a part of this mainland, I can't let myself become attached to it.. Though I find that may change relatively soon after arriving with how.. wondrous it is spoken to be. Only time will tell if I will manage to break this inner dragon free with my power.. and if I find peace and place on this land.
"Un'li Niewchhuan.. no.. Un'li nugruip."

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