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Astrid's Palmside Poetry

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:15 am
by Quidix
Astrid keeps a journal of her own poetry in this small notebook.

~Pleasures Raw and Simple~
Hiking across sands and lands,
the ranger spent, setting tent,
in lands cold and untold.

Pack settles on mellow meadow,
aching, muddled, muscles.

Sun blazons ‘ver horizon,
bright yellow glow,
it lightens eyes wise.

A nightingale the evening sings in,
resounds in dales beyond,
calms the mind so refined.

Muscles sore and stiff,
in rest finds bliss.

Pleasure, simple, raw, it is.

~Unnamed Gallant~
Behind cold coal,
a bat flutters to flight.
Claws and fangs alight,
upon toiling miner's hat

Fear, screams - she worries.
For her life she scurries.
Forward the gallant leaps,
with sword sweeps.

He states no name,
takes no credit,
asks no price.
A knight at heart,
a title is not vital.

Re: Astrid's Pondside Poetry

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:19 pm
by Quidix
Six sole souls,
wandering, waltzing,
without cause or calling.
Each flaunting a flaw,
without avail triumph tried.

One with a chin full of pride,
never a fault applied.

One with a self-assured grin,
no limits where to begin.

One with passion a’wild,
and too-oft riled.

One with a heart teeming,
all causes worthy deeming.

One with a mind for now,
not for the morrow sow.

One with eyes book blind,
knowledge arduously mined.

Hands clasp and grip,
flaws chip and strip.
In common call yip,
find fellows and quip.

~The Cripple~
The cripple crouched,
a hook the hand took.
and with peg leg left.
Often defined blind,
In age hears little tittle.
Flaws found abound.

Though limbs lacking,
hand lavender and tender,
without ask caress and bless.

Though eyes iced,
mind’s eye idle ideals see,
beyond what others dare dream.

Though ears ache,
at night he sings things,
voice an able angel trial.

Re: Astrid's Pondside Poetry

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 4:29 pm
by Quidix
~Purpose Anew~
Village vicar on knees humble,
for atonement must mumble,
voice stumble and tumble.

Oh dim light of life, please shine,
give thee servile servant sign,
voice squeal as swallows wine.

God the faithful holy message bring,
thru the hall’s walls echoes ring.
Hand to heart, the missive cling.

Amidst tempting temple gates askew,
within something brave brew,
purpose anew.

Heavy hatchet heart cleave,
Soul solace seek, believe,
the friar find reprieve.

Eyes ending, world made evade,
Virtue and violation, weighed,
against tenet’s text grade.

From above, a murmur, whisper,
soaring or suffering so flicker?

Answer with suspension,
sky alight, to dimension.

~The Hoard of Insight~
Over manual mage mumbles,
knowledge fought and found,
upon world’s wonders stumbles,
understanding, undim, unbound.

Language’s lock crumbles,
law’s loopholes expound.
What was just jumbles,
now clear and sound.

From knowledge hoard,
we pluck and plunder.
When last insight afford,
will earth soar or sunder?

Re: Astrid's Pondside Poetry

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2020 9:15 pm
by Quidix
~Toss of Redemption~
Hordes of children cursed,
one would hope the worst,
lich arise, for death athirst,
plans wise and rehearsed,
but so crumble and burst,
lich in shield so immersed.

World fate grim and clear,
on faces only faze and fear,
plans of reserve we hear,
drag lich into prison sphere,
but they require that dear,
a life to be sacrificed near.

Two steps forth in stride,
a coin toss to so guide.

Some say one hold blame,
for supplies late to game,
yet when duty called name,
without doubt, forth came.

Another with crimes of old,
to this some frown and scold,
path to atone walked bold,
heart turned iron to gold.

Coin in the air spin,
land on hand’s skin,
Tymora’s face grin,
redemption win.

~Incense Burned~
Incense burn afar,
nose tingle bizarre.
Perception open ajar,
rhyme and reason mar.

Muscles foreign felt,
toe tip tingle under belt.
Thrill and treat in spirit dwelt,
but so does ailing ache dealt.

Eyes dare dream,
colours strange seem,
some with delight teem,
but confusion so scream.

Experiences a many amass,
some cracking and some crass,
should we so contentment class?

~Joy Impelled~
A sweet voice call,
beguiled one befall.

Mind miles adrift,
the shift swift,
upbeat and uplift,
could it be a gift?

Voice’s melodic mirage,
memories evoke barrage,
sweetly the mind massage.

Eyes glance at the caller,
height seeming taller,
flaws seeming smaller.

The world is brighter,
bursting of light laughter.

As it the call wane,
senses mundane, drain.
Look contrite, confused,
brain bashed and bruised.

Re: Astrid's Pondside Poetry

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 10:26 pm
by Quidix
~Of Peasants and Nobles~
In the field a peasant toils,
humming with the skylark.
He picks the earth's spoils,
with inner spark.

In a mansion a noble dines,
hosting peers with etiquette.
Stiff neck, he whines,
with a dull palette.

One with nothing.
One with everything.
Yet some might ask,
who had everything?

~The Unstained~
The mask so fall,
all expecting to appal.
It is a face like any other,
like sister or brother.

Mask there not to hide,
but to truth guide.
Leading through example,
the divine she let us sample.

She stands unstained,
proud of that attained.
Not ashamed,
though unnamed.

Re: Astrid's Pondside Poetry

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:52 pm
by Quidix
~Price of Morals~
A code of honour defined,
a name in stone so signed,
pleasures many declined,
some say of reality blind,
behind a mind too kind.

Sometimes doubt creep,
but to angelic acts keep,
to shepherd the sheep,
so that others can sleep,
over time respect reap.

Staking sums with such glee,
sumptuous spending spree,
a woman with child wee,
in courtesan’s arms free,
things that could not to be.

~Tales of Bones~
Pasty, pale bone,
size of boulder stone,
it so groans and moan,
upright roam and drone,
it scares like an old crone.

Long thrown off life’s carousel,
urging flesh to rip and smell,
in undead memories dwell,
without thought that yell,
their mind locked in cell.

But behind melted mind,
a story is so enshrined,
gory or glory entwined,
perhaps tongue maligned,
or actually heart kind.

Dirge sound, time for purge,
but feel kindly of the scourge,
as you fall among the spurge,
perhaps your bones emerge,
let sorry sympathy surge.

Re: Astrid's Pondside Poetry

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 5:52 pm
by Quidix
~Weight of Wealth~
Bending down for prize,
a trophy trove comprise,
eager eyes so surprise,
of giant, grand size.

Onto huge hoard he hurl,
gold, silver, brass and pearl,
to live as lavish as an earl,
speech and conduct curl.

Inspire, impress, intimidate,
leaves one in wanting state,
it does bait and inflate hate,
good fate or deadweight?

Re: Astrid's Pondside Poetry

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 9:34 pm
by Quidix
In the belly something so tussle,
like leaves in weeping wind rustle,
tense of what to come the muscle,
but the hope and fear that justle,
is a thrill and joy itself, a bustle,
just enjoy, and stop so hustle.

Re: Astrid's Pondside Poetry

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:12 pm
by Quidix
~A Trade of Growth~
On trader’s teak galley frail,
leans against boat’s bow rail,
rising from waves a whale,
gale so caress chin and sail,
afar sighted shore of shale.
Maiden measured plan veil.

Island oft ice-bound, alone,
covered in snow and stone,
a corner for crow and crone,
perhaps for gain or to atone,
steppingstone, or headstone.
Maiden comfort and condone.

Berthing at worn wharf’s rim,
without a thing, faces grim,
but a barrow filled to brim,
prices good at margins slim,
looks of hope bring in whim.
Maiden spark spirit and vim.

Merchant’s money sack swell,
settlers at last restiveness repel,
sword in hand, hear fortune bell,
into the fray they leap and yell,
soil of bloodied bandits smell.
Maiden may hurdles dispel.

With packs crammed of plunder,
berries blue and ores from under,
trader waits in sun and thunder,
offers lavish to cold ice-lander,
now live year without blunder.
Maiden make wins and wonder.

Brought who could barely bear,
goods spare and rare to square,
with commerce frank and fair,
sets sail home with exotic ware,
pleased and proud, smile flair.
Maiden make offers to share.

Re: Astrid's Palmside Poetry

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 9:45 pm
by Quidix
~Love Tears~
Sea waves smashed on island sands
below silk strands shared silver bands,
bask feelings and feast in fairylands,
promises to hold by honest hands.

Wake with wonder, life’s vein beat,
eyes meet and with warmth greet,
bodies busily entwine below sheet,
lust does love enshrine, complete.

She sweats with fever, fervent, foul,
in the night’s chill she howl and yowl,
on mind feeble a fiend pry and prowl,
yet lives as dawn break with last owl.

Curious and coy her eyes flutter, flirt,
a stranger on street she offer dessert,
husband sees thru glass skin and skirt,
wants to blurt, but bites tongue hurt.

It was only once, warm words assure,
pardon ask, lures with lips and liquor,
undressed they again agree to endure,
he nods and trusts in love so mature.

Bare bosom and sprawling wild hair,
body snared, lifeless leave nightmare,
eyes of demon fire flicker and flare,
mind’s cloud clears, cry and stare.

On court’s stand she pleads, please,
innocent face fazed, down on knees,
it was not she, no-no, blood freeze,
but it matters not, just jury decrees.

Hands clasp between bars of steel,
he gazes with love - it is so surreal,
sobs with sorrow, can wounds heal,
eyes of fiend’s fire, or darling’s zeal?

The noose around the neck tighten,
with last smile she seeks to brighten,
soon her soft skin starts to whiten,
husband’s heart it does frighten.

Time harrows, hairs grey, he yearns,
remembrance returns and so burns,
a life lived filled with crass concerns,
let life adjourn, find its resting urn.

Re: Astrid's Palmside Poetry

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 7:22 pm
by Quidix
~Trials of Triumph~
A pauper’s eye flicker of ambition,
wants it all and a better condition,
flames of fire set a focal mission,
as spy sneaks to evade suspicion,
hears of hateful raid expedition.
Firelord a trial so commission.

Mumbles message as hand writes,
in dim lane letter give and recites,
but whispers heard, evil it slights,
pauper frights, and dagger invites,
crimson drip, mistake hard bites.
Firelord scowl at failed plights.

Spies’ demise was not grieved,
but the message was received,
need for preparation perceived,
soldiers rallied and retrieved,
and a sermon hope conceived.
Firelord’s strength is believed.

A true zealot sets himself afire,
screams and skin ooze so dire,
survives, crowd praise in choir,
hearts wide ablaze and aspire,
in fight squires do not so tire.
Firelord show his might entire.

Re: Astrid's Palmside Poetry

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 3:48 pm
by Quidix
~Sands, Sweat and Splendour~
Under scorching sands sweat,
foul clouds cause face to fret,
a mighty menace unmet yet,
squad summoned at sunset,
there due to debt or regret,
or glory so that none forget.

A spirit signal foe to trace,
steps spurred, what a race,
rivals rise from resting place,
no mind or memory encase,
ceaseless craving so chase,
wanting only to all erase.

Side by side, shields rise,
in undeath strike unwise,
shields shatter hard tries,
on beech bucklers so relies,
small size, but blows denies,
wall stand strong at sunrise.

City of sands survive, shine,
heroes train, swords whine,
back to feast, dine and wine,
for courtesan pleasure pine,
at market stalls pocket line,
words free, spark ideas fine.

Re: Astrid's Palmside Poetry

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 7:37 pm
by Quidix
~A Knight Blossoms~
Upon hill high, new knight upright,
gazing at dawn’s brim bright light,
on watch with fey friend in flight,
a patrol of order’s banner in sight,
approach campsite and so invite.

There are smiles and words warm,
at first, but soon face sour to storm,
claims bold, concocted, in air swarm,
hurled at fey, so a challenge form,
blades drawn, duel time to perform.

Fey surge and swirl up to the skies,
wind whisk away daring disguise,
fey’s fellow so exclaims and cries,
knight junior jostle forth in surprise,
brave but unwise, it is his demise.

Fey sword sweep, foes off leap,
sprite rush back to lifeless heap,
blood, tears, seep in soil as weep,
ground enrich for seed so deep,
dawn, flower blossoms, up creep.

Re: Astrid's Palmside Poetry

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 9:19 am
by Quidix
~Merry Marionettes~
We fight and fool and fret,
pray and play and pirouette,
this and that to not regret,
almost like a marionette,
time to stop and sweat,
to ponder purpose set.

Is it by triumphs defined?
Our egos stroke and blind,
victories are hard to find,
a grubby, gruelling grind,
and memories assigned,
are so soon left behind.

Is it our memories dear?
We let our mind peer,
as we shed a joy tear,
but is it really so clear,
or does the mind steer,
truth bend, besmear.

Is it love warm and pure?
Starts with arousing allure,
brings emotion so secure,
as the love does mature,
but oft does not endure,
death, dullness ensure.

Is it simply here and now?
No worry of future allow,
no worry of past endow,
sitting under tree’s bough,
can be wonder and wow,
the only question is how.

Re: Astrid's Palmside Poetry

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:27 pm
by Quidix
~Happy Accident~
Crown call upon man and duty,
grouchy, grey, sure no beauty,
deluded of coming cutie, booty,
fears for life so flimsy, flighty.

So blitz and blare into battlefield,
head skewered by spear steeled,
carried off on shield, he squealed,
but over time wound was healed.

Changed man, comes back home,
supposed suffering with syndrome,
reminisces none as memory comb,
cannot future path plan or roam.

Yet, whistles every hour waking,
smiles as decent dough making,
there is no past worry so aching,
nor future burdens back breaking.

No past. No future. Only present.

Re: Astrid's Palmside Poetry

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 8:19 pm
by Quidix
~From Ashes~
Injustice’s gore stain stone,
on our knees, cry and moan,
for a time, we are lost, alone,
shakes our most basic bone,
belief, faith, and values own,
soon sceptic seeds are sown.

Anger does passion breed,
passion to purpose so lead,
and we question our creed,
from shattered pieces freed,
reforge, rebuilt, remarried,
a new destiny so decreed.

Re: Astrid's Palmside Poetry

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:05 pm
by Quidix
A girl young, chubby and round,
alone in forest born and bound,
laughing, skipping, on the mound,
but one day a couple claim found,
push to town, opportunity sound.

Town tavern, in time hers to run,
apron on, she gets matters done,
but rarely she finds time for fun,
nor does she see the splendid sun,
to inn grow, she must trees shun.

Soon woods shrink and shrink,
she shows no regret as it sink,
forest friends in dismay blink,
water taste strange to drink,
she really refuses to rethink.

In soft soil, grow deep root,
soon door reach in pursuit,
offers her peace and fruit,
she sees, sobs, issue acute,
does she so really pollute.

She locks and tavern close,
her forest home she chose,
sits to sniff scent of rose,
and in pond plunges toes,
smiles at sun, she glows.