Alignment Restrictions and Consequences

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Alignment Restrictions and Consequences

Post by The GrumpyCat » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:39 pm

Alignment Restrictions and Consequences

This matter has come up a couple of times of late, and with all the rebuilds going on, and the fresh set of new players, I think it's worth a reminder/clarification.

If your character, for whatever reason, repeatedly breaks the alignment restrictions of their race/class, then they will be forcefully de-leveled and/or deleted (dependent on the situation.)

We do NOT do rebuilds or relevels for characters who break alignment restrictions.

So if you want your Warlock to become Good, then chances are you will need to remake your warlock, likely as a Bard, loosing all levels/property/items ect that come with a rebuild.

If you want to have your Paladin fall from grace- that means deleting the Paladins levels to the point where they are not a Paladin (if you started out as another class) or possibly deleting the character entirely (see above.)

In the case of race Alignment restrictions – If you want your Drow or Tiefling to turn 'Good', or your Aasimar to go 'evil', then you may be looking at a permanent character deletion.

As DMs, we do not give alignment shifts lightly. We are not looking for excuses to do so either. We understand everyone has 'blips' (yes, even Paladins) and we'd always rather see interesting, three dimensional characters rather than mere alignment archetypes, sure. Further more if you are starting to seriously breach the strictures of your race/class then you will be given multiple of warnings before full on shift take place. But with all that being said – we do expect such strictures to be respected, aside from alignment shift, your conduct when role-playing such races/classes will be considered when it comes to RPR.

Please remember this going forward.

(Tiny Addendum - to be clear this message isn't here because we've had people poorly rp alignment, but because I've encountered a few cases of PC plots that involve such-and-such becoming evil, or becoming good in ways that knowingly break alignment restrictions. And that in at least a couple of these, rebuilds were asked for/expected. So I thought it best to remind people of our position in such matters.)
This too shall pass.

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