Settlement Raids

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Settlement Raids

Post by Spyre » Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:29 am

In the past several months there has been a significant increase in settlement raids. Not all of these settlement raids are with permission when all settlement raids must be. This message will serve as a reminder of the requirements to conduct a settlement raid:

- Players must submit a request to the Active DM team on the forum with a minimum one week RL notice and wait for approval or rejection.
- In the request, you must detail what roleplay it is generating, what purpose it serves and what people are planned to be involved.
- You should put as much effort in to make it clear to the DM team that both sides can have the most fun out of it – not just to stomp all over your opposition.

As a reminder, a one-line DM channel notification that a raid is going to happen is not enough. And those continuing to raid without permission will be handed punishments accordingly. We are all attempting to tell a story and have fun, let us not ruin it by breaching the rules.

Note: A DM will likely reject continued raids on the same settlement and offer some peace to players enjoyment. We do not just want endless requests to raid.

When it is done improperly, those involved risk getting themselves in the chaos and increasing the potential for rule breaks. And, it leads to a lot more work for the DM team to resolve issues and go over every report.

Admin addition:

For the purpose of this rule, any NPC populated area counts as "a settlement". That includes: Arcane Tower, various Castles/Watchtowers, Lighthouses, Ports, Outlying Inns, etc. In short: You see NPCs wandering about a place you wish to attack, get DM approval.
LittleWeasel wrote:Individual PvP within a city does not equal a Settlement Raid. This rule is particularly if you want to attack the Settlement ... Large group of people... attacking large area with many NPCs.

Raiding the two districts is a Settlement Raid. Trying to corner, and attack Uncle Bob who happens to be slinking around in one of the districts follows normal PvP engagement rules.
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Re: Settlement Raids

Post by The GrumpyCat » Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:23 pm

Update on this

A 'Raid' is an attack on the structure and NPCs of a settlement. Which is to say – any attack that /knowingly/ targets a settlements npc population and structures – as opposed to the pc population, should be done only with DM supervision – and with an application to the DM team (as the above post outlines.) Targeting NPCs and rping attacking a settlement without permission may be deemed a rules breach.

PC attacks on other pcs in a settlement are not deemed raids. HOWEVER if the force attacking is large (say over 5 pcs) we STRONGLY suggest you do so only with a DM's permission and oversight, and ideally you should refrain from large scale conflicts in settlement areas entirely. Such attacks can end up involving, and being at the cost of, uninvolved, low level PCs. Being killed by a mob of 20 people at level 8 for being in the wrong place at the wrong time is no fun for anyone.

We understand such things can happen 'on the spur' of the moment – as rescue operations for example – but a DM presence is vital for a) Ensuring all rules are kept and b) allowing NPCs to properly respond. So please, if you intend to attack PCs in a settlment with a large force – seek DM oversight and remember to respect the presence of NPCs, with or without Dms.

Whilst we are laxing the rules on what counts on a 'Raid' we will still be monitoring people property respecting the presence of NPCs. Though who repeatedly and blatantly fail to respect them will find their rpr lowered, and possibly a MoD given out.

Small Addendum

This really shouldn't need saying, but the above really goes double for monster races attacking surface settlments. Please don't do this unless you have DM oversite and Permission.
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