Chronology of Blingstonhold (Warning: Biased!)

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Chronology of Blingstonhold (Warning: Biased!)

Post by Cuchilla » Tue Sep 23, 2014 6:39 am

I kept this chronology. It's biased, especially the years 78 and onwards. But maybe you can find some useful stuff there about the Underdark, not just Blingstonhold, but also Pit Town and Udos Dro'xun.

I don't have the Arelith Year since 88, which is why I put RL year:

May 2014 Andunor. Blingstonhold is now isolated and unaccessable for the rest of the Underdark.
About March 2014. Fraya leaves the regent position to Breena Seamfinder, and goes undercover.
January 2014 Fraya and Permistone plan to explode the entrance to Blingstonhold. Buying enormeous amounts of explosives from duergars and goblins, officially to find new stone and gem deposits, which dried out.
November 2013 Gnomish Shipyard
October 2013 Astrolab

Month 3 Short periode with shift of power to Regent K’ierov

Month 7. Regent Fraya undercover participates in Light Keep Bard Festival in Maiden’s Mercy to scout for eventual alllies.

Month 11. Kris'alix Ken'virr declares The Unity Pact. Blingstonhold remains neutral.
Month. Drow House Ken’virr arrives

Month 9. Pit Town governor call on Council of Nine. IenMikk represents Blingstonhold
Month 8 Mindflayers attack Pit Town, after attack on Elder Brain.
Month 2. First drow house declares Jhared as Protectorate

Month 9. Governor Damien of Pit Town announces Final War againt mindflayers.
Month 2. Duergars sell headquarter in Jhared to Zharrick.

Month 12. Knights of the Road/Rhue de Allessandro contacts regent Fraya
Month 1. First matron of Udos ultimatum to Blingstonhold. Fraya uses diplomacy and avoids war

Month 8. Unrest in Blingstonhold about Fraya's policy of neutrality. Xalanthia wants a more offensive policy: Elections in Blingstonhold. Xalanthia-Fraya. Fraya wins.
Month 4. Xalanthia on Blingstonhold. Conversation with Hectrod.
Month 2. Fraya meetings with Brogendenstein representatives.
Month 1. Meeting Horbag in Grond about svirfs moving there.
Month 1. Damien governor of Pit Town.

Month 11-12 Pit Town elections: Damien releases Nakal Abal (prev. Kel’var)
Month ? Hand dy’Thielie Hlathrae retires as Sorcere Archmage.
Month 3-5 Drow-duergar War II
Month 2 and onwards: Now regular, secret clearing meetings between Brogendenstein (Doilli/Tavar) and Blingstonhold/Fraya. And between leaders of Bendir and Blingstonhold (mostly held in Stonehold Ruins or Bendir Graveyard).

Month 12 Drow-duergar War I
Throughout Year 76 and onwards: Regent Fraya establishes secret diplomatic contacts to settlements of Brogendenstein, Bendir and Myon, to groups like Black Archers, The Arcane Tower, and Knights of the Road, and trusted individuals.

Month 12 First meeting Blingstonhold-Brogendenstein renews the Earthkin Pact. (Regent Doilli Troff-Herald Tavar Trollhammer/Regent Fraya)
Month 5 Fraya Stensamler regent of Blingstonhold. She keeps that position with a few and short interruptions until the floodings of Pit Town and Udos Dro’xun, May 2014
Month 3 Fall of House Zar’Rocc, Udos Dro’xun
Month 2-3 Pit Town-Udos Dro’xun War.

Month 11 Nakal ask Blingstonhold for representative in Pit Town council.
Fraya Stensamler in Blingstonhold. Maël Regent of Blingstonhold.
[Kel’var Governor. Nakal Abal Governor]

Month 3 Contract, 1st house, Blingstonhold (Pharyx).

Month 4 Ruby Wufflepunch, Deep Stone warrior

Month 12. Blingstonhold support Athiuk for Pit Town overseer.
Month 12 Zabara identified as urdlenite, exiled (Merry Weil)
Month 2 Zabara declares war on drow.

[65-] Merry Weil Elder. Satho Cradfoot. Council?

[64-65] Blingstonhold Citizens: Zabara Crimsonsoul (High Elder). Dwobrik. Harren Kaleoni. Khrys ‘O’Beril Shatter’Stoned. Kierov. Momeji Kildren. Maël. Roduk. Gharen Trask. Merry R. Weil (Overseer).

Cataclysm. NPCs Elder Permistone, Peeble, and more moves from Grond to Blingstonhold.

(Blingstonhold) Citizens: Merry R. Weil. Mir Nith. Frem Seamfinder.

Citizens: Grenden Blinktion, Boppi Hectrod. Rodoc Dwobidde. Dream Seamfinder. Ivridda Seamfinder.

Baator reaches out.
Citizens: Freppi Blimfrick. Craxis, Drogo Stone Sculpter, Flannurd. Radoc, Sadgiss Wanite.

Svirfneblin Skeflock attack on Bendir

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Re: Chronology of Blingstonhold (Warning: Biased!)

Post by soundsofastream » Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:33 am

There was a short period after the floods where Putik Kalpas took ever the Edlership, then Breena Seamfinder returned to lead for at least three years before Ydonig Razorfist took over the leadership and is the current leader after winning the election.
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