Dwarven Warhammer: Earsplitter

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Dwarven Warhammer: Earsplitter

Post by TheShadowdove » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:12 am

The idea of a Warhammer with deafening clang on hit sounds amazing thematically. Just picturing it in a Tolkien style fantasy novel or old overly choreographed Kung Fu flick makes me want one.

Make it so only dwarves can craft it.

Perhaps only dwarves and paladins can use it (it's a paladin spell). Or maybe barbarians!!! Not as important, but an option. Perhaps this can be worked into the roleplay background of these kinds of hammers.

The weapon in it's current state is almost never chosen except for role-play reasons by very few.

This would give an excuse for folks to try out an inferior base weapon.

Even if you don't agree to go ahead with this suggestion... At least please tell me it sounds cool to you in a reply. I don't want to be alone!

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Re: Dwarven Warhammer: Earsplitter

Post by Irongron » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:20 pm

It does sound cool, of course, but 'on-hit' properties on weapons are something I try to avoid, they are problematic. It would be different it was the first attack in any flurry.