PAct of the Stars warlock

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PAct of the Stars warlock

Post by Roketter » Mon Oct 01, 2018 4:38 am

Take eldritch to the next level by making a pact with the elder ones!

Eldritch Blast Damage Types by Pact and Level
Level PAct of the Stars
1 Sonic (Eldritch shriek)
4 Bludgeoning (Telekinesis)
8 Divine (Power of the elder one)
12 Magic

Warlock Bonus Defenses by Level and Pact
Level Pact of the Stars
10 Uncanny Dodge, Whispers of the elder one (+5 to mind affecting saves)
20 5% Damage Immunity vs Physical, 10/- DR vs divine/Negative Spell immunity : Evards Tentacles.
30 10% Damage Immunity vs Physical, 20/- DR vs DIvine/Negative

Level Pact of the Stars
1 Flare (0), Light (0)

2 Scare ** (Eldritch vissions) It's max hit dice is equal to the caster's level.

3 Amplify ** Allows the warlock to hear the words of the elder one. Without this spell activated, no warlock blasts or abilities except for flare and scare can take place, and instead work as normal bard spells.

4 Silence

5 Identify, Resistance

6 Blindness/Deafness

7 Find TRaps

8 Command lesser beasts: -gbeasts. Sacrifice to the elder ones a vial of magical blood, and they will grant you control over vermin in the inmediate vicinity. Randomly Summons 1-3 dire rats or 1-3 snakes or 1-3 small spiders to your aid. The number of creatures summoned is 1d2 +1 with greater conjuration.

9 Cloud of bewilderment

10 Legend lore (Dark Revelation)

11 Evard's black tentacles ** 1 minute cooldown, special ability

12 Call forth the elder one's children: -echildren Sacrifice a vial of magical blood to open a portal summoning forth lesser aberrations to act as servants. Possible results are: 1-3 eyeballs, 1-3 battle devourers 1-3 will 'o wisps. The number of aberrations summoned is 1d2, +1 with Greater conjuration focus. Can be used once per rest.

13 See Invisibility (2)

14 Dispel Magic (3)*, Eagles Splendor (2)

15 Aura of blinding ** Requires an Icon of the Elder one, craftable. REquires only a single piece of granite to create but 300 points to craft correctly.

16 Energy Buffer (6)

17 Healing Circle ** REquires a sacrifice of MAgical blood to the elder one for each use. 30 seconds cooldown.

18 Cat's Grace (2)

19 Call forth the elder one's warriors; -ewarrior Sacrifice a vial of magical blood to open a portal summoning forth aberrations to act as a servant. Possible results are: 1-2 Hook horrors (Pure melee warriors), 1-2 Umber Hulks (Melee warriors with mind affecting abilities), 1-2 Intellect devourers (Arcane casters with mind blasting abilities) . The number of creatures summoned is 1 (+1 with greater conjuration). Usable once per rest

20 Confusion

22 Greater Dispelling (5)

25 Call forth the elder one's champions: -echampion Sacrifice a vial of magical blood to open a portal summoning forth a single champion of the elder ones to act as a servant. Possible results are: Mind flyer venerator (Psionic attacks and healing clerical spells), Beholder MAge (Eye beams and arcane magic). Usable once per rest.

28 Gift of the elder ones: Your character gains a single ability of his choosing from among the elder one's favored:
Beholder blast beam: Bolt of KNockdown, 2 minute cooldown.
Psionic Mass concussion: 2 minutes cooldown

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Re: PAct of the Stars warlock

Post by Irongron » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:00 pm

As I've said before, I don't want to make new paths right now.

These kind of suggestions will generally get rejected, as they're way too complex to action outside of a large project, and would invariably need to be rethought.