Settlement Barracks

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Settlement Barracks

Post by RoyalBlood » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:45 pm

Settlement militaries often have a barracks of some sort. I'm not sure on Brogendenstein/Guldorand but I think Cordor is the only city with a designated barracks. So other settlements, like Myon for example, make use of houses. Like the one nearest the Mythal.

Something that comes up is that these buildings are rather pivotal to the settlements functioning, and that of the military, but owning these quarters is a bit of a hassle. I think what if often leads to is some sitter character. Like someone who plays on another main just holds the Barracks for the settlement on a semi active alt.

My suggestion would be that every settlement be designated a 'Government' area. This area would be owned by the settlement with the jurisdiction powers being given to the owner of said settlement. That way, the government area has a place to function in, but no one needs to babysit the quarter sign and the settlement leader can maintain a private quarter as well.

Right now, I think the system really pushes for the idea of someone AFK or not playing to hold the building. It's cheesy, but with Cordor, for example, who else would own the Cordor Guard barracks? It forces the government to hold a quarter and the best way to do that is with an alt, so that someone active doesn't need to hold it.

(As a disclaimer, I'm not sure who owns the Cordor barracks currently or exactly how the system worked in the past, just using it as an example from my personal experience!)

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Re: Settlement Barracks

Post by Irongron » Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:15 pm

Bendir & Brog already do, Andunor has NPC guards with its own barracks, I'm not keen to design any for Myon and Guldorand right now (as they're both getting a huge update when the HAK city is complete)