Lycanthropy (Uncanny Dodge)

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Lycanthropy (Uncanny Dodge)

Post by azrael_athing » Sun Aug 18, 2019 3:55 pm

Suggestion: Give Lycanthropes uncanny dodge 1 out of balance-reasons.

Lycanthropes are not only difficult to RP out nicely but also quite difficult to fight as. Much to do with the aboundance of Will-saves the Lycanthrope needs to pass to function in a fight, but also due to the fact that each of these will-saves due to mechanics risks the Lycanthrope of becoming flat-footed (and there's a lot of these saves and a Lycanthrope will find themselfs flat-footed a lot).

Being flatfooted for a Lycanthrope will cause it to lose a significant chunk of their AC (Dodge-mod, Dex-mod and Tumble-mod) which makes many characters weaker in Lycan-form compared to their original form, and I feel that there's been a oversight here.

In my mind Lycanthropes are dangerous and fearsome killing machines, surpassing most men in their ability to rip peoples head off. Instead we find ourselfs with Lycanthropes that will have a hard time beating even the PVE at their level.

Looking for a solution I came up with the suggestion above, equip the Lycanthropes with Uncanny Dodge 1, making sure they will retain most of their AC even when they find themselfs flat-footed thus reducing the problems with playing a Lycanthrope.

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Re: Lycanthropy (Uncanny Dodge)

Post by Irongron » Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:08 pm

I'd rather being a lycanthrope was as uncomfortable and inconvenient as possible, it should not be a 'build' choice.