Open Up Suggestions For Community Feedback

We will file suggestions here that did not make the cut. Don't expect detailed responses, but the most common reasons are:
- implementing the suggestion is impractical, or too much work for the gain
- the suggestion is thematically against our design philosophy
- the suggestion is too detailed/low-level
Keep your suggestions broad and focused on RP benefits, please, not detailed suggestions of how to tweak X class.

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Open Up Suggestions For Community Feedback

Post by Sockss » Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:57 pm

... or require them to spend some time listed somewhere else.

While there are many great suggestions made, there are even more ill thought out ones.

It would be nice to highlight pitfalls prior to them being greenlit.
Thankfully this team is no longer being used.

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Re: Open Up Suggestions For Community Feedback

Post by Irongron » Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:54 pm

People can use the feedback topic if they wish to discuss suggestions.

I also don't appreciate the patronizing, dismissive, and sometimes downright superior tone some adopted by a few certain players (most are fantastic) who frequent the forums when reacting to suggestions they personally dislike. Having to confront these same individuals with every suggestion would likely result in many players being less comfortable in making them.

I am absolutely not going to fuel that by making forum discussion a requirement. I have no doubt that this would lead to self-appointed gate-keepers of suggested content.

Players are free to creatue such a topic for a sugegstion if they wish though, but actual 'official' feedback will be supplied by staffmembers who are held to a higher standard when speaking to the community.