Make consecrating more things possible!

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Make consecrating more things possible!

Post by aergnist » Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:28 pm

Simply put, I'd like to see more fixtures consecrateable.

The altars we have to pick between are very limited and honestly a bit bland, which is sad when there are many situations where a different kind of shrine might beg for a more subtle or otherwise appropriate object in focus. Imagine praying in front of a statue, for instance. Or a painting situated above a nice arrangement of candelabra on a ceremonial rug. Or whatever. It would open up for a lot more creativity and options, also making it easier to preserve fixture space and let shrines be less bloaty when they want to.

Some of the fixtures I imagine could make for nice places of worship are statues, stone vases, paintings, the runic pillars, candelabra, and, uh, perhaps torture racks? I realise it's not a very long list, but I do imagine that there might in the future be more coming that would be good to already have a framework in place to be able to consecrate. And others might have ideas for other current fixtures that deserve this option, anyway.

I'm guessing that Consecrate might serve better as a feat than just a command if this was to come to pass, so that one can click the Consecrate ability and then click a target fixture to consecrate. Or something like that. On the note of such a feat, I'd love if consecration was more widely available, but that's a different suggestion entirely.

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Re: Make consecrating more things possible!

Post by Irongron » Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:11 pm


Because before long every single thing would be consecreated.