Decrease the amount of coal required for recipes

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Decrease the amount of coal required for recipes

Post by Subutai » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:41 pm

Every forging recipe, and many other recipes, all require at least 4 coal. Often times, they require even more. A single steel ingot requires 6 coal (4 coal for an iron ingot, then 2 more to make it a steel ingot), and steel fullplate requires 8 coal plus 4 steel ingots, costing a grand total of 32 coal to make a suit of steel fullplate. Making 10 of almost any ingot requires almost half a stack of coal to make. The list goes on and on.

Combined with the recent changes to mining (which seem to have shadow fixed the 4-extra-chances bug with mining), this means that anyone who crafts a lot with coal requires an utterly absurd amount. If your character isn't Cordorian with the coal mine right next to you, I have no idea how you'd keep up with all the coal requirements. It's hours of work just to stock up on coal, without mentioning the amount of storage space it takes to store enough coal that you can finish more than a couple items.

Could the amount of coal per recipe be decreased? Perhaps halved for each recipe, so things that require 2 coal need 1, and things that require 4 need 2?

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Re: Decrease the amount of coal required for recipes

Post by Irongron » Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:18 pm

Revisiting all those recipes will be a pain, but I can both make coal more available, and add an option for settlement leaders to stockpile/import coal, and supply it free of charge to smithies, when using a workstation in a settlement that does this, no coal will be required.

Rejected for orginal suggestion though.