Expanding on Scrap Metal

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Expanding on Scrap Metal

Post by Kuma » Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:10 pm

So we can sell Scrap Metal to the Scrap Merchants, which is a neat little money turner for lowbies that can afford to haul it around. Perhaps it can be expanded upon and cottage industries can start up beyond spell components?

A Blast Furnace allows for Scrap Metal items (not the Rusty Springs/Brass Cogs) to be placed within, and then fuelled. The amount of scrap metal combined with the value of the fuel should dictate what pops out (similar to how I suspect the Skull Coin barter system works).

Fuels could be, say, 20 Coal, 10 Flask of Oil, 5 Charcoal, or 1 Dragon Oil.
Scrap Metals would include Crumpled Helmet, Ingot (Pig Iron), Metal (Scrap), Ruined Armour, Axe Head, Pick Head, Limb of a Construct. Sheer weight of the metal involved should likely be the deciding factor rather than "item value" to better reflect the process.

The process should perhaps take a little bit of time, rather than being instant, but no more than an IG hour.

The rewards should be determined by sheer volume of scrap multiplied in some fashion by the fuel. Rewards could be ever-increasing amounts of low-end crafting ingots and/or ores, with chances of getting something nicer (topping out at Adamantine, Zardazik, Theurglass, and Mithril Dust) available with really good rolls based on what you stick in there. Other ingot/ore/etc related items could also be thrown in there for good measure.

Whether a Blast Furnace is a craftable fixture or only available in certain locations (make lower Cordor even more disgusting) is up to y'all.

edit: while something this dumb is on my mind let me also propose in this footnote adding flasks of oil, charcoal, and dragon oil to the dreadnaught's fueling options giving increasing amounts of power. dragon oil should nitro boost it and make it faster
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Re: Expanding on Scrap Metal

Post by Irongron » Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:22 pm

No to both the blast furnace (I don't really want to do more with scrap metal, its a fine as it is) and also to the Dreadnaught stuff (ship is already great)