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Voting Boards in every settlement

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:05 pm
by Diilicious
For transparency, every settlement should have in the area where votes are cast, the following:

1. A board with the voting rules on it, with numbered allocations.
2. A sign next to the board with an auto generated list of all the names of people the DM's removed from the ballot, with the numbered allocation next to it so if your vote was removed you can see who and why.

Re: Voting Boards in every settlement

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:16 pm
by Irongron
I should probably explain what is happening right now a little more clearly as there is a belief in some areas that DMs are adjusting voting results.

They're not, they can't. Adjusting results requires Datatabase access which DMs dont actually have.

What we do simply check how much time each voters has spent online in the previous cycle. If they had only logged in to vote, this shows it. They are then spoken to, and their ability to vote in any future elections is curtailed.

At this point we look at who each voted for, and if it is enough to change the overall result, an admin makes an adjustment, as we did in Greyport when I first posted about this issue.

Still, that's happened quite rarely, and didn't happen in Cordor at the last round. Sure, some people lost their voting rights but there wasnt enough of these to change the results.

So, as for the suggestion itself. I tire of endless secrecy, but see two big problems with it, first off there is no IC justification for those votes not to be counted, and thus for them to appear on the board. Second that those players may get discriminated against - not all characters voting without RP have do so maliciously, after all it was the norm for years.

Best advice I can give is that if you dont like who wins an election, or the direction of a settlement, seize it as an opportunity for roleplay - some great stories can come out of it, also know that it definitely will go the the other way eventually. It always does.

Rejecting this, but if you have any further questions on election system please ask on Q&A