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Post by Liareth » Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:52 pm

--General path information--
Paths are an alternative set of class features, modifying a base class in some way, in exchange for losing other abilities. With the exception of Warlock, Totem Druid and Totem Ranger, no path may be taken after character creation. During character creation, new characters will be given the option to select from any paths available to them.

--Barbarian Paths--
Path of the Tribesman
A barbarian with the Path of the Tribesman summons a henchman character of the same race and gender as the barbarian when raging, instead of gaining any other benefits. Up to two henchmen may be controlled, and they will persist until death, reset, or dismissal by the barbarian.

--Bard Paths--
Path of the Favored Soul (no longer available)
A favored soul is akin to a cleric. However, while a cleric has the ability to channel divine power because of rigorous study and prayer to their deity of choice, a Favored Soul is naturally blessed by some deity, a born prophet. The purpose for the gods granting the Favored Soul this power is unknown, and it is even sometimes possible the Favored Soul may not immediately know which god blesses them.

A Bard with the path of the favored soul loses the ability to use their bard song. Instead, they gain the ability to cast all of their spells infinitely, albeit with a cooldown period between spells. The cooldown period is dependent on the level of the spell cast. Additionally, they can hold ceremonies and consecrate alters, just like clerics. Furthermore, they gain -50% arcane spell failure to any armor or shield they equip, allowing them to cast spells in armor like a cleric does.

Path of the Warlock
Warlocks lose the ability to use their bard song ability, and the ability to pick bard spells on levelup. Instead, they gain a predefined list of bard spells at certain levels which behave differently when cast by a warlock. Additionally, they gain -20% arcane spell failure on shields and armor they equip, allowing them to wear up to chain shirts and large shields with no penalty.

See Warlock entry for full details.

--General Paths--
Path of the Kensai
Positive effects
• The kensai receive an extra attack at full AB
• They also receive +2 AC (untyped)
• Kensai have permanent Freedom of Movement - they are immune to movement-impairing effects.
• They receive +1 saves against spells each 5 character levels.
• The kensai receives +10 soft Listen and Spot (counts toward the +50 skill cap, and doesn't count for breaking Disguises).
Negative effects
• They are prevented from equipping any ranged weapons; however, they can use throwing weapons (darts, shurikens, throwing axes).
• They cannot take levels in Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric and Druid.
• They cannot cast any spell, however:
----- They may use potions freely.
----- They may use any racial and spell-like ability feats, as the drow darkness, the gnoll warcry, the blackguard bull's strength, or the Shadowdancer's shadow daze.
----- They may use freely Raise Dead, Resurrection, and all Restoration scrolls.
----- They may use items flagged as "mundane". Some of these items are the Guaji Roots and the Powderkegs.

--Ranger Paths--
Path of the Archer
A ranger with Path of the Archer loses their Dual Wield feats. Instead, once per day, they may produce a bundle of arrows for free. At level 1, this is a bundle of iron arrows. With five levels in Ranger, this is a bundle of steel arrows. With ten levels in ranger, it is a bundle of damask arrows.

Instead of bonus AC while dual-wielding, archers receive +1 damage to ranged weapons at level 6 and a total of +3 damage to ranged weapons at level 14. This is a damage increase effect that bypasses all forms of damage reduction.

Path of the Sniper
A ranger with Path of the Sniper loses their Dual Wield feats. Instead, at first level, they gain the Point Blank Shot and Rapid Shot feats for free. At level nine, they gain the Called Shot feat for free.

Instead of bonus AC while dual-wielding, snipers receive +1 damage to ranged weapons at level 6 and a total of +3 damage to ranged weapons at level 14. This is a damage increase effect that bypasses all forms of damage reduction.

Totem Ranger
A totem ranger's animal companion gains the appearance of whatever animal is chosen. The ranger gains no other changes.

--Cleric Paths--
Path of the Healer
A Healer cleric loses all weapon proficiencies except for simple proficiency and all armor proficiencies. They gain the following benefits:
• The spell Bless lasts turns/level.
• Spontaneous Healing: A Healer can cast Healing Circle, Heal, and Mass Heal spontaneously, as other (good or neutral) clerics can cast the Cure Wounds line of spells. Consumes 5th level, 6th level, and 8th level spell slots respectively. These spells will appear under special abilities on the radial menu.
• Overhealing: Healers convert excess healing into temporary hit points. The hit point bonus is limited to 5/ Healer level, and lasts for a period of three rounds. The duration is refreshed on further applications of Overhealing.
• Regenerate refreshes and stacks the overheal hit point bonus, while Monstrous Regeneration doesn't.
• Lifeline: Healers can cast Raise Dead or Resurrection on a living target to apply a Lifeline to that target for the duration of 1 turn. If the affected creature reaches -10 hitpoints during the effect, they fall to the ground unconscious instead of dying, and are raised or resurrected a round later. Other creatures can only benefit from Lifeline once per rest. Note that this is the creature's rest, not the cleric's. Bear in mind that the Healers cannot use Lifeline on themselves. This ability only works with other PCs; not summons, companions, mobs or NPCs of any sort.
• Expanded Healing: The Healer's radius of area healing spells (Healing Circle, Mass Healing) grows slightly with their levels. A level 30 Healer will have the spell's area effectively doubled.
• Respite: At level 28, a pure healers gains access to the epic -respite spell. Respite creates a 4.0m area of effect on the ground that lasts for 9 seconds. All creatures (including enemies) within the area of effect become immune to all forms of crowd control (except Timestop) and cannot be reduced to less than one hit point. On expiration of the zone, all allies within the area of effect are healed for 150 hit points.

--Druid Paths--
Totem Druid:
A totem druid permanently loses 4 points from Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. In exchange, they gain a more powerful form of wildshape. Furthermore, dependent on the animal the druid chooses, they gain further benefits. A totem path may be taken at an appropriate location in game by druids of level 5 or higher, or at character creation. A totem druid's animal companion or summons all have the appearance of the totem they chose, along with their own wildshaping. All totem druids also receive Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat while in their totem form.

Wolf: +2 str, +2 dex, +2 spot, +2 hide, +2 move silently
Panther: +4 dex, +4 hide, +4 move silently
Spider: +2 int, immunity: poison, immunity: paralysis
Parrot: +4 cha, +8 bluff
Eagle: +2 cha, +12 spot
Bear: +4 str, +4 con
Raven: +2 int, +8 listen, +10 lore
Bat: True Seeing
Rat: +4 int, immunity: disease
Snake: +2 dex, +2 cha, immunity: disease, immunity: poison

All physical bonuses (Dexterity, Strength, Constitution) are temporary bonuses (And thus don't count toward feat requirements, apply while in wildshape, and stack towards the +12 cap). Mental bonuses (Charisma, Intelligence, Wisdom) are permanent, modifying the character's base score.

--Sorcerer Paths--
True Flame Sorcerer
A character with the Path of the True Flame Sorcerer gains the ability to cast evocation spells infinitely by sacrificing the ability to bring about any spell effects that are not evocations. This includes items that create a spell effect such as scrolls, wands, and potions. Items such as portal lenses, that produce a unique, scripted effect, are not affected by this restriction.

Weave Master Sorcerer (no longer available)
A Weave Master Sorcerer gains the ability to cast all of their spells infinitely, albeit with a cooldown period between spells. The cooldown period is dependent on the level of the spell cast.

--Wizard Paths--
Wild Mage
A wild mage is much like any other spellcaster, specializing in the perusal of codices of arcane lore. But while wizards rely on their practiced discipline and sorcerers and warlocks on natural talent, the wild mage taps into the pure and unknown essence of magic itself to produce a result that even he doesn’t know beforehand.

Wild Mages are trained in use of wild magic: every time they cast a spell, there is 5% chance of a Wild Surge, which can have beneficial or disastrous side effects. A Wild Surge will also replenish the spell that was cast. They also have access to the custom '-surge' spell command at least once per rest and will gain an additional use every 6th Wizard Level. Using this command will make sure the next spellcast will always produce a Wild Surge.

At Level 9 and above a Wild Mage can use the -chaos spell to create a Chaos Shield lasting 1 Round for each Caster Level. The Chaos Shield is a protective aura surrounding the caster and has a 20% chance to inflict a random negativ effect on any hostile target entering the area.

Epic Level Wild Mages will receive the Fatidical Manipulation (-fate) spell starting at Level 21. By using this spell the Wild Mage can pick which surge to activate from the wild surge table for their next spell, e.g -fate 50. However there is a random span added from the selected surge, starting at +8, that decreases with more Wild Mage levels to be perfect at Level 28. Using -fate will not replenish the spell being cast.

Wild Mages are available at character creation or from an in-game trainer for Wizards that DO NOT specialize in any spell school.

Wizard Hit Die upgraded to d6
• They gain Simple and Martial Weapon proficiency
• They gain Light and Medium Armor proficiency
• They gain Uncanny Dodge
• They gain 5% Arcane Spell Failure reduction to Armor
• They gain +3 CL against dispels
• They gain +1 melee Damage per INT modifier, capped to wizard level/2
• They gain +1 Discipline each 3 wizard levels
• If they aren't holding anything in their offhand (shield, bow, two-hander, etc), they gain +1 (Shield) AC per int modifier, capped by wizard level/6+1 to a maximum of 6 at 30
• Gains the ability to Imbue. Upgrade to Greater Imbue at level 21.
• At level 8, Mage Armor (spell) gives the spellsword twice as much AC. At 15, it gives thrice as much.
• At wizard level 3 and every 4 levels thereafter, they receive +1 AB.
• Attack twice per round at level 8, thrice per round at level 15, and 4 times per round at level 22.

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Re: Paths

Post by Hunter548 » Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:37 pm


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Re: Paths

Post by Hunter548 » Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:07 am


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Re: Paths

Post by Dunshine » Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:01 am


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Re: Paths

Post by Liareth » Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:57 pm

Current Wild Surge Table

1 - Caster becomes drunk
2 - Fireball on Caster location
3 - Caster is Held for 3 Rounds, no save
4 - Caster is Held for 3 Rounds, no save
5 - Caster is polymorphed into a Cow, no save
6 - Sunstrike on Caster
7 - Caster is on Fire!
8 - A loud noise screams in the Caster's ears
9 - Caster id Held for 2 Rounds, no save
10 - Target is Healed
11 - Target is Hasted
12 - Caster accidentally summons forth a Demon
13 - Caster accidentally summons forth a Rift Demon
14 - Caster is put to sleep
15 - Caster slips and falls
16 - Lightning strikes down on the Caster
17 - Thunderclap on Caster
18 - Razor-sharp spikes appear under the Caster's feet
19 - Mass Damage Shield on Target
20 - Caster summons a Rock!
21 - Useless (And heavy!) Rocks on Target
22 - Target is sparkling!
23 - Caster and everyone around her has a chance to turn into Chickens!
24 - Caster becomes deaf, no save
25 - Caster is teleported to target location
26 - Imprisonment Spell on Caster
27 - Caster becomes extremly hungry!
28 - Caster becomes extremly thirsty!
29 - Random Polymorph AoE Spell on Caster.
30 - Caster's gold is destroyed
31 - Caster summons forth a horde of wild Rothes!
32 - Exploding Cow
33 - Target becomes Invisible
34 - Caster sparkles extraordinary!
35 - Caster starts to glow
36 - Butterflies everywhere!
37 - Target starts to glow
38 - If outside it will start to snow
39 - Caster catches the Mindfire disease
40 - Slow spell on Caster
41 - Exploding Cow horde!
42 - Caster is put to sleep for 3 rounds, no save
43 - Caster starts to panic!
44 - Curse is applied on Caster, no save
45 - Caster can't speak for a random duration
46 - Caster temporarily forgets how to cast spells
47 - Caster starts to laugh uncontrollably
48 - Target mirrors back Caster's spell
49 - A strange noise echoes out

50 - Caster temporarily gets a random Elemental Immunity
51 - Fireball on Target location (Caster unaffected)
52 - Slow on Target location (Caster unaffected)
53 - Caster is polymorphed into a really fast wolf!
54 - Shockwave on Target location (Caster unaffected)
55 - Entire area is explored and True Seeing on Caster
56 - Improved Invisibility on Caster
57 - Caster receives some random gems
58 - Caster is Combat Ready!
59 - Caster is Immune to all spells
60 - Heal spell on Caster
61 - Target is turned into Stone
62 - Sunstrike on Target location (Caster unaffected)
63 - Target bcomes Blind
64 - Effulgent Epuration spell on Caster
65 - Target becomes Slowed, no save
66 - Target is polymorphed into a Cow, no save
67 - Dizzy as an Area of Effect at Target Location (Caster unaffected)
68 - Target is polymorphed into a Zombie, no save
69 - Haste spell on Caster
70 - Caster summons forth a Djinni (Wish Spell)
71 - Caster receives gold!
72 - Stun as an Area of Effect at Target Location (Caster unaffected, no save)
73 - Web at Target Location (Caster unaffected)
74 - Target is put to Sleep, no save
75 - Lightning strikes down at Target
76 - Thunderclap spell on Target
77 - Razor-sharp spikes appear under Target's feet
78 - Damage Shield applied on Caster
79 - Iceskin spell on Caster
80 - All creatures are turned into chickens around Target Location (Caster unaffected)
81 - Super Speed on Caster!
82 - Mass Energy Buffer
83 - Water explodes outward in a massive surge around the Caster
84 - Imprisonment spell on Target
85 - The nearest trap to the Caster is disarmed
86 - Destroy Target gold
87 - Lightning Storm spell at Location
88 - Grease Spell on Target Location (Caster unaffected)
89 - Harm spell on Target
90 - Field Of Icy Razors spell on Target location
91 - Caster is turned into a Ghost!
92 - Caster summons a powerful Elemental Monolith
93 - The powerful Wrathful Castigation spell on Target
94 - Spell is cast again and behaves the same
95 - Roll twice more on the Wild Surge table, both effects applies!
96 - A small Volcano erupts from the ground!
97 - Burst of Glacial Wrath spell on Target Location
98 - Disintegrate spell on Target
99 - Blasphemy spell at Location
100 - Avascular Mass spell on Target

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Re: Paths

Post by perek586 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:14 pm

So anybody looking into the tribal path? Do they still get great axe feats with no great axe? Can we get official stats of the tribesmen? Seems kind of sub-par and overlooked at the moment.

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Re: Paths

Post by Mirw » Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:36 pm

Hi, Tribal Path is unchanged since the begining, they are still got their all weapon related epic feats for Greataxe. I raised the issue in 2016/may and in 2017/may again. :)
Its just a mere reminder, not a demand.

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Re: Paths

Post by perek586 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:20 pm

I think they just need to edit what blueprint the henchman tribesmen are created with? A bit unsure of exactly how the paths are implemented, but I'm guessing something like replacing/hooking onto the nw_s1_barbrage script for anyone with the local int tribal_barb_or_whatever set to 1.

So if it's anything like:
object oTribesman CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE, "tribalblueprintXX", GetLocation(oPC))
//where XX is the current barb level of the PC
AddHenchman(oPC, oTribesman)
Then they'd need to setup a new blueprint for every level, with the appropriate feats.

Although, with the feats taken, I'd assume it's just a basic Barbarian set to a specific level, without a custom blueprint.

Devs pls give access so I can fix :)))))

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Re: Paths

Post by happy panda » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:30 pm

needs kensai path removed

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Re: Paths

Post by ReverentBlade » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:35 am

Spellblade is now out of date.

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