An area to facilitate free-form feedback on systems (in-game or out) related to Arelith.

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Post by DM Titania » Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:16 pm

There are a lot of Feedback threads at the moment that are really suggestions. Understand that the Suggestion Box is locked at the moment, and ideally you should wait until it is unlocked to write an actual suggestion.

If you want to throw out an idea in Feedback to refine it or whatever, sure, but understand unless a DEV creates a thread specifically for feedback (I.E. there has been one both for deities and disguise by one), then it is not a suggestion that is going to be heard and it will very likely ignored.

If you're looking to get the community's point, that is fine. If you're looking for implementation though, you should wait.


Feedback = Brainstorming of improvements with community members, or a review of current systems, such as a review of

Suggestions: Proposal of these improvements to DEVs.
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