Enchanted Shield, LOL

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The GrumpyCat
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Re: Enchanted Shield, LOL

Post by The GrumpyCat » Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:09 pm

For what it's worth, whilist I recognise and indeed in some way kinda like the nesting of crafting recipies, and have mostly spoken in their defence on this thread, I do kinda agree that this Enchanted Shield is a bit much.
This too shall pass.

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Re: Enchanted Shield, LOL

Post by Bibliophile » Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:25 pm

I didn't notice if it was said before so sorry if I'm repeating a suggestion but instead of lowering cp costs maybe change the recipe a tad to produce three or five of the small ingredients like seed balm in one batch?

Babylon System is the Vampire
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Re: Enchanted Shield, LOL

Post by Babylon System is the Vampire » Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:18 pm

Aodh Lazuli wrote:
Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:23 pm

Now, just to point out, you've underestimated the total crafting point cost of this shield by around half. It's precisely 978 daily crafting points. NINE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT.


I got somewhere between 5 and 600, which is still a lot for a shield that only benefits druids (unless you really need that weight reduction) even if it counts up the things that herbalists and alchemists should be making in their spare time at least up to 5 each or so. But I do agree that giving the shield a runic property or something would go a long way to making the item more comparable to the much easier to make addy towershield, even if it requires less addy and addy is not simple to find for most players. There's also the solution of just making all of the crafted items use this sort of formula (and less addy overall) that would make me a happy panda, but even typing that I know that puts me in the minority if this thread is any sort of gage.

Aelryn Bloodmoon
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Re: Enchanted Shield, LOL

Post by Aelryn Bloodmoon » Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:19 pm

Babylon System is the Vampire wrote:
Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:33 am
If you are talking about a shortcut to the layered stuff, where it just makes it all at once...well, that sort of defeats the purpose of the layered stuff and if they were looking for a answer like that it would just be easier to skip the steps and make the crafting process longer and more resource intensive.
I like the recipe, but in regards to this specific premise right here, I fundamentally disagree with the concept. Going out and finding the components needed should be involved and challenging - and with these nested recipes, it is, because you have to gather up a lot of different things that it appears you can't locate all in one place with a lengthy mass-circuit of an area repeatedly pinging the same resource nodes. That part is cool.

Navigating the menu, however, should be easy and painless. The fewer things you have to click, drag, and drop, the better, because this isn't RP (more importantly, it is literally impossible to drag an item and RP at the same time, because when you click with the mouse the game takes focus away from the text box). It's a variable time-sink (X-time multiplied by Y-lag) for each conversation you have and each item you drag and drop. If the purpose of making nested recipes is specifically to make craftspeople spend more time in the menus during the crafting process, and not to have them spend more time and RP towards actually gathering the materials and the help of other crafters, then I'd be more content to never touch crafting again and just grind gold.

It was suggested that this is off-topic, but I actually believe if you removed the frustration of menu navigation that many wouldn't mind these nested recipes, despite having to work together with other crafters. I think it'd be a fantastic quality of life improvement all the way around, and if most recipes mid-to-end game are going to be this deeply involved, I don't think we need to enforce artificial effort in the form of struggling through menus and conversations that sometimes take ten or more seconds to load- per choice.

Picture a crafting world where drag and drop lag is no longer a thing. You can't tell me that isn't sexy as hell.
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Re: Enchanted Shield, LOL

Post by n00bdragon » Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:12 pm

Am I the only one left wondering why a wooden shield requires 2 chunks of adamantine to make? The obvious answer is the same reason that every end-game item seems to require adamantine, because adamantine is the de facto "end-game gear" currency. That's the real shame if you ask me. The server has a problem with adamantine spots getting overcrowded by the same circle grinders and needs to continually nerf their appearance to ever more remote and difficult-to-reach places. Why not add in some extra end game ingredients? Perhaps something that can be found in more varieties of places.
  • Add another end-game currency or two
  • Increase appearance of adamantine
  • Reduce CP cost of the Enchanted Shield, keep the wacky recipe
  • Give wacky recipes to forging items too, but keep total CP cost about the same
  • Reduce the total spend for mundane characters and increase the spend for casters
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the grim yeeter
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Re: Enchanted Shield, LOL

Post by the grim yeeter » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:05 pm

Oh, btw. I just destroyed an enchanted shield despite being at 100% with a K&I deity (haha yes, i was actually stupid enough to make one because, sadly, my strengthlet character needs it). I thought K&I godsaves were guaranteed? Or is there a chance of not getting it? Or is this another one of those things that aren't supposed to be publicly available information for whatever reason? And yes, I'm absolutely sure I had my godsave up.

In any case, literally 3 RL days spent on gathering materials and spending crafting points, wasted. Flushed down the drain. This is not fun. It killed my desire to play for some time at least, that's for sure.
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Re: Enchanted Shield, LOL

Post by TheDoctor » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:10 pm

DM GrumpyCat wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:58 pm
I think the argument for why to do it this way is it encourages people to go to other other characters in search for the components to make it.

So instead of just needing to be a carpenter to make the best of whatever, you should have excellent Herbalist/smith friends. thus encouraging roleplay.
Except the only thing i have seen this encourage is ooc metagaming on discord to get things made. Anytime you make things too difficult for a playerbase you will be met with the playerbase finding ways around. It's also why i do not participate on the arelith discord. My very first day here and it was just a rush of ooc info that should be FOIG. Things such as what low level boss not to fight cause of phylactery. Or hey... I need xyz components to craft something.... Then as if by magic there is a toon with exactly xyz for you.

The fixed quote is in blue...

I think the argument for why to do it this way is it encourages people to go to ooc means in search for the components to make it.

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Re: Enchanted Shield, LOL

Post by malcolm_mountainslayer » Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:58 am

Crafting is soley why I avoid rangers. I think multi layer recipies would be cooler if they were not requiring same tier ingredients of non nestrd recipes. Like the price of an enchanted shield should be work behind it where say the price of an adamantine shield is the adamantine.

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