strong yeetshots

Post all your ingame screenshots in here. Organize them by creating seperate threads for events.

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strong yeetshots

Post by strong yeet » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:57 am

Elves are not allowed through the doggy door
6'0", 5'11"
Day 1, first character he ever meets. They were inseparable (until she rolled...)
Wholesome friendship time.
Spoiler: it didn't last.
Today's class is on the fact that Sydney Harrow will walk in five minutes from now.
Sometimes I think you do this just to look at naked girls, Tyros
Today's special is one (1) long, pretentious book that doesn't make any sense
Why does every character i play have a skull mask
This about sums it up, really
Final shot. Goodbye, angry boy

Hey man nice robe
Long talk in Sandswept Monastery
Long talk pt. 2
The stuff inside was as good as you'd expect it to be.
Baaaaane (again)
Mr. Lawgiver, I need a new robe.
this dragon needs to brush his teeth.
Huemacoatl pt. 1, the pact
Huemacoatl pt. 2, Urzgemmion (huemacoatl is my favourite character on arelith btw)
Pre-Freth 2
Pre-Freth 3
my life, summed up

Malagnar and Althaea
Mom, it's cold, and my feet hurt. Can we go home now...
Pew pew
Lizard man, lizard man's wife's son, Uggr and Malagnar about to hit the work site
Are you ok man
I think I took this when he got his pit fiend for the first time.
Skarde sells him WRONG INFO about the derro temple
Do not talk to me or my small warlock ever again
Goodbye sweet dumb baby

Old Characters
Khalas with his first balor
Mel'nozz: Valas, Vesta, Lesrak, Vidomina
Anec-kel playing bodyguard in the Bashum Boys part of town. Malavos, Vrigor, Valentina were there too, I guess
"Cyric is so awesome my shirt came off! Bhaal stinks!"
I remember being so dim-wittedly proud of this fixture placement.
Best pals, Stath and Anec-kel, AR 130-something

Woodbreeze gave me the idea for this thread. Blame them

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strong yeet
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Re: strong yeetshots

Post by strong yeet » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:07 am

I missed Rhudaeil because he hardly has any screenshots, because he's a big loser.

Walking? No way!
What is he wearing? Why are there multiple bottles at his feet
Haha we're taller than you

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Party in the forest at midnight
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Re: strong yeetshots

Post by Party in the forest at midnight » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:29 am

You heckin' nerd, you didn't post the best Jan shots. The >:| face his eyes make is the best thing.

This is my favourite picture, it looks like one of those goofy portraits where there's a part-faded portrait. Like some sort of romance novel cover or something. "THE MONK AND THE PRIEST."

I went to go stock my shop and saw this.




Ithilmor on Bendir:

Lesrak and Sabae play "Hey let's randomly summon people and see who accepts," and me scooting out of the room asap.

I miss Rhudaeil. He was the first team good person my character met after Alastriona disappeared. It caused a lot of internal struggle in him. Would anyone accept him if they knew anything about him?


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