Change Improved Disarm to Equip Items to Disarmed Players Inventory

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Change Improved Disarm to Equip Items to Disarmed Players Inventory

Post by Dagonlives » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:21 am

Arelith is a server where direct consequence as a result of PvP is largely an option and very strictly controlled.

The worst that can happen is that a player can lose their gold on their person, and have a respawn timer of several hours in the form of a debuff. Players cannot 'steal' from other players inventories aside from very specific pickpocket looting, and that is item size dependant. No one can compel a player to do anything beyond die. In this sense, consequence is an entirely optional system aside from a temporary 'time-out'.

However a mechanic exists in game that a players can use to steal weapons in PvP combat. Some of these weapons stolen might be worth as much as 2,000,000 gold through a 5% roll or even more then that value. Yet a player can just disarm and steal that weapon. With very little consequence if they fail in doing so in comparison to if they succeed in stealing said weapon with a disarm build. Or the consequences of a failed pickpocket, which takes less valuable items and has more restrictions to.

This negative consequence is far out of proportion of the rest of the penalties for failure in PvP in Arelith. If player items cannot be stolen that easily, if slavery or RP after combat is optional versus just dying, then disarming should be modified accordingly to match the server ethos.

My suggestion is simple: If a target is disarmed, place the weapon into the disarmed players inventory rather then having it drop on the ground. If need be, include a debuff timer of a few rounds before the player who was disarmed can requip the weapon to represent the disarm effect of having to 'pick up' the weapon again as per the default Disarm feat.

Thus, the disarm feat is still useful for PvP and PvM application, without the poorly adjusted consequences of failure for another player having their near priceless weapon stolen.
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