[Subdual] Dirty fighting

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[Subdual] Dirty fighting

Post by White_935 » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:15 pm


Another suggestion coming up!

I would love to see that the Dirty Fighting Feat was enchanted, as yet i've seen none if anyone ever take it.
The actual feat is horrible in term of what it actually does.

I have a suggestion to enchant the Dirty fighting feat with two factors.

First is the feat itself, as an attack.
Currently it a 1d4 damage bonus at the cost of all of your other attacks.

I would change it to.
1d4 damage + 1 AB per attack sacrificed (up to X ab)

That way, it is if anything a aimed strike, where you sacrifice your attacks to better pick the best moment to strike.

I would also highly suggest (and personally desire) that the feat enabled subdual to be used with any weapons.
Thus making it attractive and possible with more weapon focused characters to use it more actively at the cost of a feat.