Eladrin Summoning Stream

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Eladrin Summoning Stream

Post by Lunargent » Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:03 pm

Hello, I would like to suggest that a summoning stream for the Eladrin be created. Eladrin are Chaotic Good aligned celestials from the plane of Arborea, elf-like in appearance. I'd suggest they use an elf appearance, though scaled up in height a bit perhaps. There are all manner of fiend summoning streams, but only one for celestials. Let's change that.

Planar Binding, Lesser: The Shiere, knights of the Eladrin. They are impressive and prefer mounted combat atop a warhorse, but aren't exceptionally more powerful than a mortal warrior aside from some spell like abilities. I'd suggest they just appear as an elf on a warhorse and have decent melee/tank capabilities, along with some magic and maybe a fear ability.

Planar Binding: The Bralani are the wildest and fiercest of all celestials who live in the moment and relish a challenge, and guard freedom zealously. They tend to attack with holy longbows, so I think they should be archers, and have an affinity with wind, with the power to assume the form of a whirlwind at will. Gaseous form doesn't exist in nwn, so I'd suggest they gain high concealment (the visual effect that the Spirits in the underdark have could be used) and maybe a haste/expeditious retreat effect while it is active. Additionally I'd suggest some sort of 'wind blast' ability to reflect some of their signature spell-like abilities.

Planar Binding, Greater: The Ghaele (pictured left) are the highest knights of the Eladrin. They hate evil and oppression and hunt it relentlessly. They tend to be melee fighters, but benefit themselves and allies with a protective aura as well as utilizing a number of spells and ray attacks.

Gate: For Gate I would suggest either a Shiradi or the Tulani. The former overlaps with the Ghaele a little, but the latter seems unlikely to answer a summons, for they are haughty and tend to answer only to the Court of Stars (the Eladrin paragons). However, the Tulani certainly is an impressive and 'epic' creature, and could be a good opportunity to include a summon with bardsong.

Anyway, that's my suggestion, thanks for reading.