Defensive Stance to support the use of Ranged Weapons

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Defensive Stance to support the use of Ranged Weapons

Post by NAUX » Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:22 pm

My suggestion is to open more options for the use of Defensive Stance by allowing Ranged Weapon using Dwarven Defenders to benefit from the feat.

Defensive Stance:
+2 strength
+4 constitution
+2 resistance bonus on all saves
+4 dodge bonus on AC

By allowing Ranged Weapons to be used whilst his ability is active, it can provide a more defensive foothold for a ranged player by preparing for an incoming assault as they get closed in on by enemies and will be less likely to need to re-position themselves or retreat whilst they finish off a target. The +2 STR will also synergize well with ranged weapons which typically make use of the Mighty weapon property, as well as a ranged users typically low Strength. From this position, they would not need to re-engage the Defensive Stance ability and could change to a melee weapon should the fight be prolonged.

Thanks for your consideration.