Recycling Junks into usable Crafts

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Recycling Junks into usable Crafts

Post by Kenji » Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:06 pm

The suggestion is to convert a few things that can be found amongst the crates, barrels, and dead bodies that are pretty much "junks" or have no obvious crafting purposes into one with so.

Few things I can think of right now:
Flea Ridden Blanket: Flea Ridden Blanket + Water @ Cooking Workstation = Cloth (Large)
Rags: Rags + Water @ Cooking Workstation = Cloth (small)
Brass Censors: Brass Censors x2 + Coal x2 = Brass Ingot

A few conversions similar to smelting Zinc and Copper ingots into Brass Ingots can be done to cloths as well:
1 Large Cloth = 2x Medium Cloth (1 CP)
1 Medium Cloth = 2x Small Cloth (1CP)
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