Underdark themed animal companions.

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Underdark themed animal companions.

Post by Rigela » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:32 pm

As it says, it would be nice if rangers/druids that roam in the underdark got reskins of the various animals into something more suiting. Either automatically or perhaps some hidden NPC in the grove etc for those who want to keep the look of the standard creatures. The standard summons already get a change, so would be in keeping with that I believe and would stop the slight oddities many might end up with.

Not sure how easy it would be to change the standard description to something more fitting, but could be nice to have a rothe, bat, worg or something instead of animals might not ever see otherwise.

Some possible suggestions, but whatever is felt best works just as well I imagine as are limited with fitting models.

Hawk - Bat
Dire Wolf - Worg
Bear - Grey Render
Boar - Rothe
Panther - Basilisk model as some other underdarky creature
Wolf - Bulette
Badger - Gargoyle
Isabella Isherwood - Priestess of Selune
Piper Barley - Joybringer of Lliira