[Gear and Equipment] More class based gear

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[Gear and Equipment] More class based gear

Post by White_935 » Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:50 pm


This is not a very specific suggestion, and mind been more proper to feed into the feedback thread!

I've come to see a lack of gear for several base and prestige classes, in comparison to others.
Rogues, assassins, sd, barbarian, paladins seems to more commonly than not have their own specific gear for their class.

I would love to see more class specific gear created both into the loot table, and more so into the crafting table for Monks, Arcane Archer (seen some arrows, that's about it). Harper Scout, Dwarven Defender (seen none), Purple Dragon Knight (seen none), Palemaster (wizardly necromancer items).

I would love to see Dwarven Defenders get equipment based around benefiting their immobility, such as perhaps regeneration, or piercing (ranged) benefits following the theme of immobile fortresses, and smiliar themed equipment for harper Scout, Purple dragon knight and Palemaster.