The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

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The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by BoltNRun » Sat Sep 05, 2020 5:34 pm

Hello everyone!

I don't usually post on the forums all too often but I thought this would be a good time.

As the title says, I am temporarily shelving my main Kael'avin, due to some IRL business taking up a lot of my time lately. As well as some much needed hiatus from faction leading RP lol. It has been so fun to play him for the past year and I am hoping I can return on him with more drive (and time)!

I have enjoyed the current journey of Kael'avin so much! I'd no idea he would become who he was or be involved in so many things but that's the beauty of RP. You just let the flow take you and see what new turn comes up. I'm not leaving Arelith, but I just can't invest time in him at the moment. You'll see me around on other PCs perhaps!

I know that normally in these types of threads people will make lists of everyone that affected them and I am going to do that; but it will take time lol! Nearly everyone that Kael came in contact with left an impact on him (As he mainly thought to himself he has claimed a new friend) and I want to give everyone some love but to do that I'm really going to need to take a couple hours to write that out and then I'll add it to this main post later :)

I will however list some people that outright helped mold Kael into what he is. This list is in no particular order but is more like what popped in my head first. So here we go..

Falgrim Vintergard
This has easily been one of the most impactful people to Kael because not only did Kael see him as a near and dear friend, but he saw him as a father figure almost. Falgrim IC is one of the absolute best dwarf players that I know. EVERY SINGLE RP ENCOUNTER always made me feel like I was talking to a real dwarf, and a legit person in power. The emotion (or Falgrims lack of lol), the power, and the emotes he did all helped craft this beautiful representation of a stony dwarf lord in his mountain home. Falgrim is a great guy IC and OOC and I have enjoyed every RP time with him and he always made me want to improve.

One of Kaels best friends who he loves and annoys. Ana and Kael were not a friend duo that I had in mind but their personalities ended up meshing them together beautifully. Ana is a wonderful Snuggybear lol. Her words basically but in a way it's true. The way Ana RPs and portrays her character at first makes you think that they're just being a prick, but then you come to find out that they're quite mushy and caring deep down. Ana has helped Kael through many things and he will always have a very special place in his heart for her; even if she is like a pebble in a shoe! Both the character and the player are amazing people and I highly recommend playing with them whenever you can.

Rhael Silverwind
Rhael and Kael. Those two names were synonymous oh so long ago. Rhael was one of the first people that Kael met and they soon became best friends and then blood brothers due to their bond and brotherly love for each other. Rhael was one of the first recipients of Kaels endless pranks, which soon turned into a prank war that lasted so many years. Both the player and the character have been one of the most fun person to talk to and I am so glad I have met them. I wish we could have played more on them but I know Kael got busy, but both he and I will always love ya.

Kaels little sister who he claimed and would kill for. An amazing RPer and little ball of fun who quickly latched onto Kael, as he did her. Ember was one of the few people Kael could NEVER not be happy around, even if he had lost his legs; she was just that cute, adorable and amazing. As is her player who I love so dearly for being just as amazing. Ember was one of Kael's first friends (right alongside Rhael) and soon became his blood sister due to how well they bonded and loved each other. I am so glad to have met her as I honestly don't think Kael would be the same at all. The player is a masterful RPer and one hell of a friend that if you do not know her, you should. It's a travesty if you don't because they're that awesome.

Ahh... one of Kael's favourite people because she cooks for him and ALWAYS has a snack for him, while also being like the mother he never really had. Meriam is an amazing RPer and just amazing character that I am so glad I can call a friend and count as family. From her motherly guidance, to her incredibly caring attitude she is one of the few people Kael would break some personal creeds to save if he had to. As all others above this post (and basically everyone I post here) you NEED to RP with them. They're that awesome.

The one that basically set Kael on the path to becoming a great (sweetberry fisted tyrant) leader. Kael met Saelynn so long ago as he was recruited into Darrowdeep and quickly rose up as he had desired to help and follow her dream, which soon became part of his dream. An exquisite and almost mythical RPer who helped change the room of any RP into something so much more immersive from the way they portrayed and played their PC. Saelynn knows how much she meant to Kael and it's one RP I had hoped would have gone on longer if schedules and RL things didn't stop us. The player is an absolute dear and an amazing friend who I will always love.

Kael's first love.. and one that sadly didn't get the ending we had hoped for. There are no hard feelings, nor is there any regret because Niamh helped shape Kael so many times that if she hadn't been the one to tend to his wounds in the Logjam I don't think Kael would have met everyone he had, or had even been on this path. Niamh was an amazing partner that had so much depth and intricacies to her that it was ALWAYS a new and exciting encounter whenever they RPed. The player is just as sweet and I love em just as much <3

That is all I have for now though as RL calls me away. I will be sure to add more in the coming days hopefully as I do not want other left out. So if you didn't see yourself up there please don't be angry; I'm getting to you ^^!! There's just so many people to thank and send love to.

I've enjoyed Kael's journey so much and I hope to come back to him. I hope that the RP I've done has made people smile, had some impact, or at least chuckle (even a heavy breath out their nose lol). Thank you all for reading this, or skimming it!

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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by Techne » Sat Sep 05, 2020 5:42 pm

We'll miss you, Bolt. Hopefully we can see more of your antics in the future on another character while you take your break from him. <3
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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by sarithia » Sat Sep 05, 2020 5:44 pm

Never will I forget projecting to Kael in dragon form on Ana without realising Kael was in many a supposed serious meeting, and then him turning her outfits PINK and so on and so forth. Too many great moments with Kael to list; great character, and agreed on their friendship and weird bromance developing from an alliance to something richer. It was a fun journey, and both Kael and Bolt are 10/10. Even if Kael doesn't return, I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with next!
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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by Dari » Sat Sep 05, 2020 5:49 pm

Rumor has it, Kael is gathering his power to take over Arelith and supply himself with sweetberries.

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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by D4wN » Sat Sep 05, 2020 10:06 pm

Kael is honestly one of the most memorable characters for me ever. I remember we used to pretty much RP together every RL day for months. Ember was my first character and you were just so welcoming. It helped so much to settle me into Arelith. We really did become a family and it was honestly one of my fondest times in Arelith.

You as a player are so incredibly thoughtful and kind. Just like Kael is. You always make sure people around you are having fun, bring light heartedness to tense situations and you're an incredible RPer. You'll always be one of my dearest Arelith friends and I'm sad over time we grew more apart due to RL and time zones. I hope you have a nice break from the game, but don't be a stranger on Discord! ILY! <3
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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by Ninjimmy » Sun Sep 06, 2020 6:42 am

As I said before, this latest edition of Kaels faction started with him and Olwin in a pub and there was a reasonable chance that was going to be the book end.

The escalating prank war and Kaels continual outsmarting of Olwins efforts to get fired/demoted is some of the best rp I've had on the server, certainly most fun faction.

Kael's just that guy who's able to actual juggle the insanely hard job of leading a major faction while also having a distinct dynamic with everyone IN it and always has a bowl of chowder with him.

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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by BaRKyy » Sun Sep 06, 2020 8:47 pm

Amazing character. Jace and him never really saw eye to eye (Though I hope that Kael's opinion had changed somewhat by the end)

Take care mate. Good luck with whatever comes next.
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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by Interium » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:21 am

Had many great encounters with Kael'avin, you make every meet a joy and I've often found myself laughing at the things you have him come up with.

So while I think it's a great idea to take this break, I still can't help but hoping to see you soon again! Be it on this toon or another, the server needs more players like you!

Take good care and good luck!

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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by NMan7496 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:44 pm

Bolt, you are easily one of my favorite players to RP and being able to interact with you so much was always a pleasure.

I hope you get your RL stuff sorted nicely, and hope to see you around!
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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by Revelations » Tue Sep 08, 2020 9:51 pm

I love your positive energy and your constant effort to drive things forward and involve people. In my opinion we created a very cool, engaging sphere of RP, and you carried on for so much longer than I could manage due to RL. Sorry that I had to drop out twice.

Kael'avin is a great character, and you're a sweetheart and I hope we'll meet again someday because I miss you. You never tire of being supportive. Thanks for everything!
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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by Zan » Sun Sep 13, 2020 10:58 am

Always a blast RPing with you mate, even if Rhael was the butt of far too many of your jokes! Your infectious enthusiasm and friendship will be missed
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Re: The (Hopefully) Temporary Shelving of Kael'avin

Post by Preytoria » Wed Sep 16, 2020 2:03 am

Kael was great! I enjoyed meeting him with Remmy!

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