An idea about Monks

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An idea about Monks

Post by jastewart1988 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:26 pm

I realise the fresh changes are loved/hated currently I understand this is likely not something that will see any change anytime soon and I will be rather brief in my idea here for now as the idea itself would require a considerable amount for me to work on as a full suggestion, I would rather not spend such time fully with all the minor details before seeing if the DM team/Development team/Players are even remotely interested in it.

So the general idea I have is that upon taking monk as a class much like a PDK picks a path or a druid their totem, what if as a monk you picked from one of the five main Kung Fu fighting styles namely; Tiger, Leapoard, Crane, Snake and Dragon?

Upon picking a fighting style the monk class will then be tailored to fit a particular set of skills gaining a few feats to fit the style at the cost of losing others, this would reflect how a monk might train in the real world, they focus on a set style normally for most of the years they train.

If this concept is of interest I am more then happy to draft ideas on each one as I already have many to further let developers tweak and potentially use.

The whole monk changes seem to be due to the entire monk set of skills combined being too strong but I feel they are only too strong together if for example someone went down the fighting style of the Tiger, a style that rushes and used brute force with strikes that are meant to incapacitate and maim, perhaps at certain levels they could be granted the Ki Strike 4 and 5 feats for free to reflect this training however due to the dedication required they would not of focused much into training the mind so may lose slippery mind entirely and not gain much spell resistance either.

I have a huge amount of ideas for this concept that if are of interest I am more then happy to work on fully and provide for a review, I have kept this rather brief in terms of full feat lists and ideas as I fear due to the changes being so recent its unlikely to warrant revisit anytime soon.

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Re: An idea about Monks

Post by Xerah » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:47 pm

There is nothing fundamentally wrong about your idea, it is just that they take a significant amount of time to code and test. Then make sure you get balanced. I think we'd need someone really passionate about monks to do this. Monks were never my passion, but it was done because I felt it was necessary for the good of the server to get them back in line.

I'm not sure that is a thing that will get done in the short term. Who knows in the long term.
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Re: An idea about Monks

Post by Irongron » Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:17 pm


See above, its a cool idea, but obviously clearly complex. I don't want to get people's hopes up by approving suggestions I don't believe will ever come to pass.