So much conflict.

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So much conflict.

Post by Reallylongunneededplayername » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:30 pm

I miss conflict on Arelith:

What do I think is the cause:

-There is the somethings a small settlement conflict, Often doesn't really break into full war.

-The reall battle now lies mechanically into votes.

-People are scared for PVP: I think the DM get's on the average 10 000 unjust PVP action reports and cracks down of folk that PVP "to
much" bunch of reasons. I don't know.

-We dropped our possible grand villians in the UD. And there is still a sort of wall between the surface and underdark, Though less obviously than it used to be.

-To few "all races" with election systems.

Solutions and thus the suggestions:

-Make Darrowdeep and Swamp castle minor election-settlements and give Sibiyad(spelling?) elected leadership.

-remove surface races from UD.

-Make a PVP system: I'm thinking hard on this but I think we could add a -pvp mode instead of the hostile rule -pvp causes to add (hostile) behind your name, It tells the other player that this character is out for blood and best to defend or run.

Adding to that, The mode should automatically turn off in settlements or when sneaking.

-surrender: The character has a (Peace) behind the name or something better. Character is to expected not to engage in PvP and is willing to surrender to a (PvP).

I think with some tweaking to this system we might be able to make PvP less of a pain on Arelith.

I think that was it, Hope you like it.
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Re: So much conflict.

Post by Irongron » Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:57 pm

A lot of suggestions here, but I'm going to say no. We don't need systems to encourage conflict in my view, and I definitely do not wish to see humans and half-orcs removed from the UD.