Herbalist's Bag

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Herbalist's Bag

Post by The common coldblood » Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:09 pm


Fleshing it out with work done to ask again.

1.) Create herbalist's bags for the loot matrix. Create lesser, normal and greater versions of them.

2.) Create an herbalist's rucksack to be made through tailoring. Potential Recipe: 1 Leather (Medium), 1 Cloth (Medium), 2 Animal Sinew; DC 15, CP 12.

Able to carry:
Ripplebark Fungus
Mintspear Leaf
Lady's Tear
King's Crown
Harnak Seeds
Yarrow Leaves
Mandrake Root
Strychnine Seeds
Sassone Leaves
Bloodstalk Root
Malyss Root
Striped Toadstool Flesh

Argument: Herbalism takes A LOT of different resources. Even carpentry requires a shopping list of plant materials now. This gets heavy and takes up a lot of space. It can get really cluttered to sort through, especially if you accidentally use the last of something. Creating an herbalist's bag would be a huge QoL boon to crafters. Smiths, carpenters, tailors, alchemists and artists already have these for inventory management through the miner's bag, hunter's bag and gem pouch. Why not give herbalists something for theirs, too?

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Re: Herbalist's Bag

Post by The GrumpyCat » Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:36 am

Irongron said yes to this.

This too shall pass.

(I now have a DM Discord (I hope) It's DM GrumpyCat#7185 but please keep in mind I'm very busy IRL so I can't promise how quick I'll get back to you.)

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