Respawning: Distant Shores

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Respawning: Distant Shores

Post by Archon » Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:16 pm

I am not certain if it's feasible to change, but as it stands now if you die in Distant Shores (say, Sibayad surroundings) you can't cross to C&P or surface from the Fugue.

There's been many occasions when it becomes a massive inconvenience, be it transfer of dead people to their allied parties elsewhere, or just wish to use your fixed standard place of revival at other servers for all non-Skal people -- as well an awkward beaming beside the Sibayad mainboard after death begs a special mention: the location of standard respawn point could use a change as well to somewhere more remote. If you die at Distant Shores as a brave non-native, such as adventurous UDer you will appear right to the bazaar again if you're not lucky enough to get a chance friend to raise you aside.

I understand restriction was initially installed to prevent people dying and going to Skal or vice versa, but as it's possible to get to both locations as is with nominal hindrance removing it would be a quality of life change. Tagging the location upon death where you died, so you can't die at orclands and respawn to Skal comes to mind as an example, or just free it up. Skal does not have a mention of it being an ideal starter zone anymore, and people come and go as is between those places if they choose.

There's few things worse than realize an hour after you drop a dead body to be found that they never actually had a chance to be revived/rescued due absence of server transitions they could use to cross the border.

And as always, if people would abuse access from Distant Shores to elsewhere that's something that could be handled as an exploit as and if it comes up.
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Re: Respawning: Distant Shores

Post by Irongron » Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:25 am

I can see the inconvenience, but I'm not sure to easily solve this.

What we could possibly try is to have players respawn at their chosen point, even when it is on another server (rather than use the default for that server) THAT should be possible, and will also fix this issue.

Approved (for the above)

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