Kudos to the newcomers of Dro'Vaalvaz

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Kudos to the newcomers of Dro'Vaalvaz

Post by Apothys » Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:17 pm

Well i was quite surprised when a whole bunch of new players decided to join the House of Dro'Vaalvaz. Admittedly they were persuaded to pick up the game by a close friend. Yet there ability to dive into a age old relic of a game, then immerse themselves in Andunorian society like there doing is well... just epic! Great Rp so far.

Just wanted to give them all a shout out and a thank you for joining me and giving it there all on what will not be an easy venture as we try to establish ourselves.

Zarrsyn Dro'Vaalvaz
Elvxyra Dro'Vaalvaz
Iraexyra Dro'Vaalvaz
Shardrin Dro'Vaalvaz

I dont know you all that well but Kudos, your doing a great job!
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Re: Kudos to the newcomers of Dro'Vaalvaz

Post by Rasha » Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:52 pm

Long Live House Dro'Vaalvaz!!! <3
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Re: Kudos to the newcomers of Dro'Vaalvaz

Post by SlamYoJam » Fri Mar 27, 2020 12:08 am

Being one of the long time player of House Dro'Vaalvaz, I'm super impressed with how Elkxyra, IraeXyra and Shardrin have picked up this dusty old game and fully immersed themselves into the world of Arelith.

I won't lie it's taken awhile to get them on, but I'm pleased they finally caved in and are enjoying themselves - I know get the pleasure of rediscovering Arelith Vicariously through them!

Long live House Dro'Vaalvaz!

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