Haunted Caverns Door

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Haunted Caverns Door

Post by Victordarvo » Fri Aug 05, 2022 11:54 pm

While attempting to complete my haunted caverns writ there was a door that became unopen able and unbash able preventing progress. The room was in the first area entering the haunted cavern, third set of rooms before progressing down. The first room of set three, that's shaped like a clover.

Steps to reproduce
I ran through the entire haunted cavern once and died at the ravenous ghost, after respawn and running back through I got stuck at the door to the clover shaped room (it has 4 side rooms with 3 having doors but the 4th does not. This is not the door after this room that there is skulls to climb to a lever.

I'm not sure if interacting with the statues on my first run through locked this door. If that is the case there is no way to undo this action after you die.

Expected result
Normally this door just opens, no key or lever required.

Actual result
The door was locked and unbash able.

Did not take any but will next time (sorry)

Misc Notes
Also, I noticed the climbing of the skulls to get to the lever didn't seem to work today, it has in the past. That door was bashable so it didn't cause any problems.

Which Server(s)?
Underdark Server

Gaming Platform(s)?

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