Hex blade stuck taunting

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Hex blade stuck taunting

Post by Gaal » Fri May 07, 2021 10:11 pm

Ran hex blade on Skal and tried to use taunt on a rat. (i know lol) Toon was stuck trying to taunt each round, eventually stopped once rat knocked toon unconscious and recovered. Was then able to finish fighting the rat. I was trying out the different hex skills for a 3rd level hex blade, as I fought 2 normal rats and a named rat

Steps to reproduce the Bug: Did not have an opportunity to reproduce the bug since I had to return to work. I did try to change weapon, heal, cast hex, etc., to stop the taunt but it kept on reattempting

Expected Result: Was to stop taunting after trying to change opponents, heal, disarmed, etc

Actual Result: continued to taunt, until i was knocked unconscious, approx 12-15 rounds

No screen shot

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