Warlock Bonus AB

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Warlock Bonus AB

Post by _-HiM-_ » Sat May 08, 2021 7:29 am

Description of Bug Experienced:
Increased ranged attack bonus, +5 from parry mode +2 from twohand bonus (not sure if this is a bug however as it kind of makes sense?)

Steps to reproduce the Bug:
Go into parry mode wait for +5 ab bonus then cast flare, likewise use a 2h weapon to gain another +2 ab

Expected Result:
Honestly i didnt think either of these would provide a bonus ranged ab since the removal of +AB weapons on warlocks

Actual Result:
+AB total onto all ranged attacks (Eldrich Blast)

Basic ranged attack then 2h then parry mode (21,23,28 AB)

Suggestion - remove parry mode from warlocks and keep the +2ab as a tradeoff for 2h instead of using a shield

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Re: Warlock Bonus AB

Post by Hinty » Sun May 09, 2021 12:33 pm

Bit of an over reaction. I am a little biased since I have a couple of Warlock chars with parry (for genuine parry reasons, was not aware of this bug)

I would suggest simply having Parry mode turn off when casting like Expertise. It would be annoying having to turn it back on all the time, but it would fix the issue somewhat, and also remove the possibility for other casters to do the same. I assume the bug would affect all ranged touch spells for all classes.

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