Exhaustion paralysis bug

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Exhaustion paralysis bug

Post by Turn the Tide » Wed Aug 04, 2021 6:37 pm

When my toon gets low on exhaustion/rest, and if I enter a transition RIGHT as a tick lands, it paralyzes me and makes me unable to move.

Example, and ways to replicate the steps-
(however chaotic, random)

> Enter a transition RIGHT when a tick lands (trust me, it was not on purpose)
> Server tick processes, which places you into a state of 'emoted exhaustion' where your toon is slumped over in exhaustion.
> You find yourself unable to move, WASD (in drive camera mode) .. or left click to move around. Your simply paralyzed as a character, and cannot move.

Restarting your client does fix the issue.
I am unsure if freedom of movement (casted by another) fixes the issue however irrelevant.
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Re: Exhaustion paralysis bug

Post by Party in the forest at midnight » Sat Sep 11, 2021 5:08 am

This is still a problem.

To reproduce:
I closed the game while my character was in the exhaustion animation. I loaded the game again, and am now stuck in the exhaustion animation.

I cannot rest. I cannot eat/drink. I've tried -yoinking other players that have suffered this problem and that doesn't work. I've tried punching them too, that didn't work. -makesafe doesn't work.

I tried restarting the client and it worked. The problem is semi-common, I'm going to remember this to help other players who encounter it.

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