-Project_Image not respecting disguises

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-Project_Image not respecting disguises

Post by Yvesza » Fri Nov 26, 2021 12:55 am

Steps to reproduce
Be on the same server as your intended recipient, but on a different map
Use -project_image to send a message to your recipient

Expected result
The senders disguise name is used for the delivered message

Actual result
The senders actual name is used, irrespective of disguises


Misc Notes
Same server & Same map = Fine
Same server & different map = Breaks
Different server = Fine

The image is fine in the same map, it'll use your disguised name but if you leave to a different map/zone and try to project image it'll revert back to your default name and present your real name / voice for everyone to see.

There is no issue when using the projected image from one server to another server, it'll use your disguised name as expected.

Which Server(s)?
Tested on Surface, then Dis -> Surface

Gaming Platform(s)?

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