Red Dragon Islands lazy NPCs (spoilers)

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Red Dragon Islands lazy NPCs (spoilers)

Post by Kilnasaggart » Sun Nov 28, 2021 8:15 am

- encounters and fights normal up until one spawn on the stairs leading to Abazuur's chamber stood motionless and did not respond to aggression
- 4 baddies + Abazuur in the final chamber. Baddies motionless, Abazuur walks to the group, then stops motionless. I tried to activate them by showing them potential attacks of opportunities, but to no avail. They were just broken.
- on the way down, one motionless spawn near the shocker, left them in peace. On the next map, another motionless in front of the sulphurous grotto, same.
- in the grotto, the ancient red dragon was quite alive and kicking, while his 4 buddies were doing nothing again. Once the dragon got dispatched, the 4 baddies responded positively to being shown attacks of opportunities, and fighting could resume normally.

Steps to reproduce
Get a spawn of fire giants and dragons to appear ; check whether they start battle ; if not, run in front of them yelling "chicken !"

Expected result
They would engage fighting normally, and not be shocked-and-awed by my 8-charisma character.

Actual result
As described

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