Gnomish Arm Shrinkage

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Gnomish Arm Shrinkage

Post by Paint » Fri Mar 24, 2023 3:33 am

Upon swinging a two-handed weapon multiple times with a Female Phenotype 1 gnomish character of a certain height, arm shrinkage occurs. This arm shrinkage is not permanent -- logging out will fix it.

Steps to reproduce
Swing a two-handed weapon multiple times with a female phenotype 1 gnome.

Expected result
Nothing. This should accomplish nothing.

Actual result
Your arm will dislocate from its socket and shrivel. Why? I don't know.

(Morningstar, before and after.)

(Warhammer, before and after.)

Misc Notes
This is one of the weirder bugs, and it might just be an unfixable engine quirk, but in case it isn't, I figure I'd post it here.

Which Server(s)?
PGCC, Surface, and Distant Shores is where I noticed this.

Gaming Platform(s)?

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