Jotunhold quarter crash

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Jotunhold quarter crash

Post by Deep Fried Thinking Emoji » Sat Mar 25, 2023 4:42 am

Description of Bug Experienced:
The rightmost quarter in the portal room in Jotunhold crashes the game to the desktop if you enter it after teleporting to Guldorand from another server.

Steps to reproduce the Bug:
Transition to the Guldorand server from any of the other ones, go to Jotunhold and try to enter the rightmost quarter, your game crashes after the load screen finishes loading the area.

Expected Result:
You enter the quarter without crashing.

Actual Result:
You crash after the load screen while entering the quarter.


Additional Information/Notes
From using the -area command:

  • Area name is: Guldorand (Mountains) Jotunhold (Chambers)
  • Its dimensions are: 14 x 20
  • It is considered an interior and underground
  • You can mount in this area.
  • Area ResRef: twh_giguhouse3
  • Tileset ResRef: eld05
  • You don't think you can fish here.

Which Server(s)?

Gaming Platform(s)?

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