Harper/Zhent Applications

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Harper/Zhent Applications

Post by Amateur Hour » Thu Sep 22, 2022 6:17 pm

I was recently reading the guidelines for Harper/Zhentarim applications, and I found them a little confusing, specifically in terms of how we're supposed to approach them. I have the following questions:
  1. Are we supposed to only submit applications for characters that haven't yet been created, characters that already exist and have some roleplay under their belts, or would either be fine?
  2. If they have to be characters who already exist, do they need to have found out IC about the Harpers/Zhentarim before the application is submitted?
  3. Should the applications be structured as "this is why my character might draw the attention of the currently-existing Harpers/Zhents on Arelith" or "this is why/how my character became a Harper/Zhent"?
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Re: Harper/Zhent Applications

Post by JustMonika » Thu Sep 22, 2022 8:01 pm

When I submitted my Harper application it was for a non-created character, and it focused on why in his pre-Arelith background he would have been a suitable candidate for being an agent of the Harpers, and why his world views and theirs aligned.

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Re: Harper/Zhent Applications

Post by DM Monkey » Fri Sep 23, 2022 10:38 am

1. It can be either. We tend to prefer characters that already exist, because it's both easier to see how they would fit in with the Harpers/Zhents and whether they would be recognized as a suitable candidate for them. If the character isn't created yet, then it would be worth considering putting a little extra effort into the description of the backstory and how this character would be played when it arrives on Arelith.

2. No. The character may not even be aware that they are joining one of these organizations, but if the application is successful then we will work with you to hook you into things.

3. It should absolutely be the former. Stories that go along the lines of "And that's why I'm already a Harper" tend not to do so well. You can think of the Zhents/Harpers as local cells of the organizations, so past histories elsewhere and whatever affiliations are less relevant to the current situation. Aim to capture their attention by highlighting actions you're already taking in game and what effects those might be having.

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