Noble Houses and Nobility Applications

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Noble Houses and Nobility Applications

Post by Queen Titania » Tue Mar 05, 2024 11:26 pm

I have edited the noble house page on the wiki with some additional high noble houses of Cordor that are part of the King's inner court. Most of these were developed by Grumpycat with help from the Writing Team and contributions by Irongron and DM Witch. These additional houses are Sabel, Dundarrow, Cremont, Jarlson, and Aermane.

All houses on the page, except Eldren, can be applied to with a minor reward.

All new houses and Derlson have a SECRET. That secret will be informed to you if your application is successful. To have a long life with that house, that SECRET should be treated with care.

The details of the house should assist with developing your concept around the desired house.

As always, custom houses or choosing an existing noble house from the realms is also allowed.

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